Many thanks to Joe Magno, head coach of Mayfair Highschool Baseball for stopping by to talk to us about the importance of staying hydrated, why putting donuts on your bat before your at-bat is slowing your bat speed and why “Daddy Ball” isn’t going to help your kid….regardless of how hard it is.

If you’re a baseball coach or parent and you’re interested in learning how coach Magno lead his team to two consecutive baseball championships while leading the league in batting average, make sure you watch the baseball interview video below.

It’S fool of useful baseball tips that you can apply this baseball season.

Thanks for stopping by guys! You know I’m always grateful.

You don’t have to be a great athlete to be a great baseball player. I think the training at the youth level is mediocre at best. The focus needs to change for the kids.

– Joe Magno

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    4 replies to "Joe Magno on Hydration, Bat-Speed and Daddy Ball"

    • Fisher

      Father of twin 8-y/o’s who are just learning the game. Mark / Joe…Great philosophy, I follow the same with my kids…..teach them to love the game, and that will drive them to want to work hard and excel. Give them the right tools and instruction to succeed, thereby gaining confidence, and they will love the game. Definitely looking to pick up your Lightning Stick Joe. Also interested in the heavier white flat bats you mentioned and showed, but can’t locate them.

    • Coach Anthony

      Good stuff guys…keep it coming!

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