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Increasing Bat-Speed While Hitting The Curve-Ball Like Bryce Harper

ncreasing bat speed while hitting the curve ball


Here is the truth. I’ll venture to say that 90% of breaking balls that you guys strike-out on are pitches in the dirt.


Why is that?

Because you haven’t established the discipline of “posting up”. That’s why.

You have to force the pitcher to leave the breaking ball up in the zone.


If you can do that, you’ll have a chance to be known as a great breaking ball hitter.

In this video I’ll be breaking down Bryce Harper’s swing on  a curve-ball that was left ” up enough” in the zone for him to tattoo it over the center field fence.

You gotta watch this swing!


Who’s your favorite hitter?

Let me know who your favorite hitter is in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to use him(or her) in one of our AoB swing analysis videos.

Thanks a bunch.

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5 thoughts on “Increasing Bat-Speed While Hitting The Curve-Ball Like Bryce Harper

  1. […] breaking ball pitches were breaking towards me and I was able to pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand more […]

  2. Could you do a video on wladimir balentien…he just broke the single season homerun record in Japan

    1. That would be a great one! Let me see if I can get some footage of him.

  3. Nice vid thanks for the tips. Favorite player as of now Yadier Molina

    1. Awesome Kevin! Thanks for posting.

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