Hey guys!  So you probably have seen this bar below at the bottom of your page and have wondered what it is. It’s a weekly contest for the Art of Baseball community!

Members earn XP points every week for Commenting, Liking, Checking-in, Sharing, and Tweeting articles at artofbaseball.net.

People with the highest XP  for the week receive a prize of their choosing whether it’s a gift card,magazine subscription, or baseball express discounts!

Give me your feedback on what you would like to win from earning XP points in the comments below!

I really want to make visiting this site as fun as humanly possible, so if you feel like “Checking in” and “Sharing”, please do so!!!!

Thanks a lot everyone!


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    • Combat_hitting

      Where do we type For The Love of the Game, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham…D.Pittman

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