When it comes to earning a starting position at the varsity level or becoming an everyday player at the college baseball level, it begins with the intangibles. Doing the little things that set you apart from other players greatly reflects the value that you have for a baseball organization.

In the video below, I will go over 4 simple things you can do today to give yourself the best shot at  earning a starting position on your baseball team, competing at the varsity level, and becoming an everyday player at the college level.

The truth is, it’s not as hard as you may think.

1.Show up in shape

2. Show that you want to be there- By showing that you want to be there you’re proving that you’re a player that practices and competes with a purpose. Sounds like someone you know?

3. Play with reckless abandon- This is the only way to allow your natural abilities shine through while keeping this game fun.

4. Always show up early-  Be the first guy there and the last guy to leave. This is the mark of a leader!

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