For most of us, we wish that we had a little more baseball talent right? Maybe we wish that we could throw harder, run faster, swing more powerfully, and have greater confidence while playing baseball……….

Sometimes when we see other players who have more abilities than us, we look at them as if they have super powers!!

So how do we survive in the world of baseball when we’re trying to win a starting position, beat the competition, and cotribute to a ball club that is trying to win ball games?

Easy! Just do what Batman would do in this situation!

Already know your strength and weaknesses

Do you think the Dark Knight waists time learning to shoot lasers from his eyes or learning to run faster than the speed of light?

Nope! He already knows that he has great detective skills, and exceptional hand to hand combat and builds his approach to crime fighting around that!

Are you a speedy runner who has the ability to get on base and put pressure on the defense. Are you wasting time trying to swing harder to hit more home-runs?

I understand that everyone wants home-run power and it looks impressive but remember this! It’s better to do one thing very very well than to do a couple of things average.

If your phycial make-up is naturally conducive to hitting hard-line drives, then embrace this and become the best line drive hitter on your team.

On the other hand, if you’re big and strong, don’t be afraid to be MORE aggressive. Great line-ups are built around guys ready to hit extra base-hits. If this means makeing less contact, than don’t be afraid to let it fly!

We all have weaknesses, but let your greatest strength be knowing what they are so you can take advantage of your natural gifts!

Know what you’re fighting/playing for

In the beggning when Bruce Wayne decided he would become the savior of Gotham he knew that the only way he could achieve this goal would be if he became more than a man. If he became something “elemental” then he couldn’t be destroyed.

Sometimes being a baseball players is a lot like fighting crime. There seems to always be another obstacle or enemy that you’re fighting against like:

  • hitting slumps
  • lack of confidence
  • bad coaching
  • bad umpires
  • bad weather
  • crazy fans
  • injuries
  • and yes…….CRAZY baseball parents 😉

So how do you overcome these BAD BOYS? By reminding yourself daily why we play the game. Batman puts on the Cape and Cowl becuase he fights for

  • justice
  • equality
  • welfare
  • peace
  • and freedom

So why do you put on your uniform??? Is it becuase it just looks cool or do you play for:

  • honor
  • courage
  • passion
  • purpose
  • a better life
  • contribution

Look fear in the eyes

Batman isn’t fearless. He is couragous because he is able to fight the bad guys and save the citiiznes despite his fear. He is able to act in the presence of fear.

Becoming a better ball player is all about learning to play with fear. When you’re afraid of coming up to the plate after having already struck-out in your last 4 at-bats, courage is having the same level of determination and confidence that you would have after just hitting 4 hard line-drives and blasting a home-run.

Fear is a good sign though. It’s proof that you’re in a situation to get better.

No one is fearless…….not Jeter……not Ruth……….and not Batman!

It’s time to become UNBEATABLE

Are you ready to take the lead in the line-up…………….

Have you spent too long not getting the credit you deserve as a ball player………….

It’s time to find out why you began to play baseball in the first place by getting in-tuned with your inner Batman and start kicking butt in the batter’s box and on the field!

Know your strength and weaknesses……..

Know what you’re playing for…….

………and stare fear in the face……….!

It’s your turn!!!!!

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    • Jamison

      Baseball may be seen as just a sport to some people, but my love for the sport has changed my life completely. When I was in high school I always thought that I can just focus on baseball and I can get into a college on my ability to play. I wasn’t paying attention in class which led me to get average to below average grades, but then I was hit with a reality check, being good at baseball isn’t going to get me into school alone. It was time to get serious in the classroom as well on the baseball field. I went to becoming a C average student to a straight A student. This opened so many new doors for me. My freshman year of college was always at its first semesters end and I was offered a athletic scholarship and headed out to North Dakota where I would soon receive more reality checks on how good you needed to be to get drafted and what level of competition I was against. I ended my journey there because baseball didn’t wasn’t fun due to the majority of the players on the team and coaches negative attitudes towards players. I began another chapter in my life at a JUCO, and just like in the past, I was hit with another reality check thinking I was going to be a stud at tech school, not realizing that there are some damn good ball players. I ended up just playing smaller roles that season, but it was okay by me because of how great the personalities of the players and coaches were and I was having fun. This last year I became more of a main role player due to hard work I put in the classroom and in my spare time in the gym hitting in the cage with guys that loved the game as much as I did. The more games I started I became a more relaxed player which led me to become a more relaxed person. Razing teammates if they would do something embarrassing, but knowing I better be ready to take some shit if I did something stupid, and trust me, what goes around comes around. Haha, but it was all in good fun because we are teammates and were always looking to have a good time on and off the field, but I wasn’t ready for this next curve-ball. I went home for break and my Mom gave me the news that she was sick and not doing well. She had the worse type of Lymes disease and was schedule to be tested for the next month. I figured she would be okay, until I called her and she told me that the medicine that was killing the disease, but was also killing her. It became very stressful for me for the next few weeks. I pondered that I would have to make a decision and that I would quit baseball mid season and instead of playing games on the weekends I would go home and help my Mom. I talked to friends on the team and even sat down with my coach and discussed my situation. “What should I do? What would you do?” My teammates and coach both said “Family comes first.” I couldn’t agree more. There was still one more person I needed to talk to, my Mom. She has always been the gospel speaker in the family and she told me “Everything happens for reason. You have a gift and your brothers are here to take care of me. We will get through this. Your teammates are family too.” I still debated on playing, but my Mom’s word made my choice to keep playing easier to get through. That made me to play through the rest of my season. No regrets. Our team ended up making it to state, but unfortunately did not make it to nationals. The baseball season was over, but it was a beginning to a new chapter. I got a few offers from schools and felt blessed for the season I had being good enough to get scouted by other schools. I am now headed to a NAIA school with an athletic scholarship and also have two of my best friends from my team going there as well. Baseball has been a great to me and has taught me life lesson. Sometimes you can get thrown an unexpected curve-ball, so be ready! If you make a error, don’t think about how you messed up, think about readjusting so you will get the next one or if you get out, don’t worry, its not your last at bat ever. A team is a family and a sacrifice is something people make for ones they love and baseball is really the only sport with the term sacrifice that is really appreciated. These have been the big impacts on my life baseball has been associated with. Baseball has changed my life in the past and will continue for many years to come. Thanks for reading.

    • Ndrocks36

      In my senior year of high school I was fed up with baseball and told myself I would never play again because I didn’t love it anymore. I had lost my grandpa who was a college baseball coach and taught me everything I know today and it didn’t seem right to play anymore. I didn’t love it. I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship to play in college and at first I said no way, i’m done with ball. But as time went on I decided to make the best decision of my life. I chose to go all in and work my butt off to be the best ball player I could be. When I worked this hard, I started to see the results quickly pay off and my love for the game was renewed. It now saddens me to think that one day I will have to stop playing this wonderful game, but for now I work as hard as I can every day in everything I do, on and off the field and leave it all between the lines. 

      • Art of Baseball


        That’s a great story man! Finding our try purpose as ball players is definitely a right of passage when realizing our true potential as athletes.

        Where do you play college ball at now?

    • yash

      Baseball relaxes me. When playing I can simply forget about everything else and just enjoy the game. The challenges of the game are fun to take on. At first I did not like fast pitching, now its the only thing I want to face because of the challenge it poses. And when it’s conquered, it’s a great feeling. I get to be out there with my friends and just enjoy, talk about the game, All-Star game, HR Derby etc. From the pop of a well hit ball to the feeling of throwing someone out at home, it all fells awesome. (The crazy parents make it even better). I play baseball because I love the sport and there is nothing else I would do for those 3 hours.

      • Art of Baseball

        “The challenges of the game are fun to take on. At first I did not like fast pitching, now its the only thing I want to face because of the challenge it poses. And when it’s conquered, it’s a great feeling. ”
        That right there is a string of pearls Yash!!!!

        The relationships you build on the field are definitely priceless!

        Good work!

    • Nimehlm1

      I play baseball because I love the sport ever since I witness my first baseball game: Twins at old Yankees Stadium  in which the Yankees win 1-0. I was amazed by the precision of the batters in hitting the baseball and the acrobats the players made while fielding and I began to play baseball to be a great hitter and fielder like those at that game. 

      • Art of Baseball


        I would give anything to watch 9 innings in old yankee stadium!!! Do you remember who was pitching that day?

    • lazaro diaz

      i came from cuba 1 year ago, and it is real difficult be in a new place, learn new stuffs, a new language and start a new life from zero and the  only reason i state in this country is because baseball, when i m at the baseball field i don’t care nothing , it can be in united state or cuba, or china i just know that i feel free  and that i m doing something that s running on my blood every day, at every time
      and i would like to say that your program is real good and it would be even better if you add step by step of the mechanic swing

      • Art of Baseball

        Hey Lazaro! Wow….so you cam from Cuba!!! I’ve played against some pretty talented ball players from your native land!

        What position do you play?

        By the way…..if you would like a step by step instruction for singing mechanics you could look at the hitting directory at:

        and for more specific training and and hitting drills at

        Good luck Lazaro!!!!!

        • lazaro

          well i play infield, shor and second base but what i really like is hitting and im pretty good on it and keep improving it working hard, again thanks a lot for your program i just ga one week doing it and i feel  more confident everytime at the plate, sure of myself 

        • Lazaro

          thanks Marks i let you know how it is going after i finish with the bat speed blue print i know i going be in the mlb so i will call you to make an interview to give you a little credict for you program aaaaaaasee you soon

    • Samuel Pair

      I love playing the game… it’s impossible to put into words, it’s just a joy to feel the sting of a well hit ball, the excitement of a sliding catch and the satisfaction of a stolen base… the intangibles!

    • Dionmorales10

      After nearly a 10 year hiatus from baseball I decided to give the game that I loved another chance. I quit because I struggled and no one took the time to teach how to be a better ball player. They said, “just do it.” I would ask “how” and never got a response. Before this season started I woke up one day and just kept thinking about how fun it would be to play again. So I got up found a league and haven’t looked back since. Has it been hard? Absolutely! My batting average tell you that (.102), but I keep trying because I love baseball. It’s a game that reminds of watching my father play every Sunday and know I have the chance to make home proud as he watches me play again with new motivation. The above article is great and it reminds that I don’t “suck” at baseball cause there are aspects of the game that I am good at. I’m a good fielder and will.continue that as I work on getting more

      • Art of Baseball

        AWESOME Dion!!!!!!! It’s great that you have found purpose as a player! A lot of talent gets wasted simply because some players forget what they play for!

        There are a lot of players out there who can learn from your story!

        Keep it up!!!!

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