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How to play Unbeatable baseball like Batman



For most of us, we wish that we had a little more baseball talent right? Maybe we wish that we could throw harder, run faster, swing more powerfully, and have greater confidence while playing baseball……….

Sometimes when we see other players who have more abilities than us, we look at them as if they have super powers!!

So how do we survive in the world of baseball when we’re trying to win a starting position, beat the competition, and cotribute to a ball club that is trying to win ball games?

Easy! Just do what Batman would do in this situation!

Already know your strength and weaknesses

Do you think the Dark Knight waists time learning to shoot lasers from his eyes or learning to run faster than the speed of light?

Nope! He already knows that he has great detective skills, and exceptional hand to hand combat and builds his approach to crime fighting around that!

Are you a speedy runner who has the ability to get on base and put pressure on the defense. Are you wasting time trying to swing harder to hit more home-runs?

I understand that everyone wants home-run power and it looks impressive but remember this! It’s better to do one thing very very well than to do a couple of things average.

If your phycial make-up is naturally conducive to hitting hard-line drives, then embrace this and become the best line drive hitter on your team.

On the other hand, if you’re big and strong, don’t be afraid to be MORE aggressive. Great line-ups are built around guys ready to hit extra base-hits. If this means makeing less contact, than don’t be afraid to let it fly!

We all have weaknesses, but let your greatest strength be knowing what they are so you can take advantage of your natural gifts!

Know what you’re fighting/playing for

In the beggning when Bruce Wayne decided he would become the savior of Gotham he knew that the only way he could achieve this goal would be if he became more than a man. If he became something “elemental” then he couldn’t be destroyed.

Sometimes being a baseball players is a lot like fighting crime. There seems to always be another obstacle or enemy that you’re fighting against like:

  • hitting slumps
  • lack of confidence
  • bad coaching
  • bad umpires
  • bad weather
  • crazy fans
  • injuries
  • and yes…….CRAZY baseball parents 😉

So how do you overcome these BAD BOYS? By reminding yourself daily why we play the game. Batman puts on the Cape and Cowl becuase he fights for

  • justice
  • equality
  • welfare
  • peace
  • and freedom

So why do you put on your uniform??? Is it becuase it just looks cool or do you play for:

  • honor
  • courage
  • passion
  • purpose
  • a better life
  • contribution

Look fear in the eyes

Batman isn’t fearless. He is couragous because he is able to fight the bad guys and save the citiiznes despite his fear. He is able to act in the presence of fear.

Becoming a better ball player is all about learning to play with fear. When you’re afraid of coming up to the plate after having already struck-out in your last 4 at-bats, courage is having the same level of determination and confidence that you would have after just hitting 4 hard line-drives and blasting a home-run.

Fear is a good sign though. It’s proof that you’re in a situation to get better.

No one is fearless…….not Jeter……not Ruth……….and not Batman!

It’s time to become UNBEATABLE

Are you ready to take the lead in the line-up…………….

Have you spent too long not getting the credit you deserve as a ball player………….

It’s time to find out why you began to play baseball in the first place by getting in-tuned with your inner Batman and start kicking butt in the batter’s box and on the field!

Know your strength and weaknesses……..

Know what you’re playing for…….

………and stare fear in the face……….!

It’s your turn!!!!!