I think with young hitters, a lot of them assume that hitting with power means pulling the ball while swinging from the heels.

Also, they may think that to make consistent contact means shortening the swing while trying to hit the ball on the ground.

Neither of those assumptions are true.

In fact a good power-hitter is able to swing with added power when he is able to take controlled violent swings with balance while showcasing the ability to keep the bat head in the zone for as long as possible while also letting the ball get deep.

This allows a hitter to hit the ball to both sides of the field while taking advantage of mistake pithes such as breaking pitches left up in the zone as well as fast-balls left out and over the plate.

So how can a hitter do this?

Well I’m glad you asked!




Understanding the correct bat plane.

The fastest way to two points is a straight line. Understood. But when in the box you’re trying to hit a fast-ball not solve a math problem. “Straight to the ball” doesn’t mean chopping at the ball or cutting the path of the bat in half. It means keeping the bat head on the path of the pitch for as long as possible with the least amount of unnecessary movement.

Think gap to gap

It’s better to focus more on the power alleys than to think about hitting from line to line. With a more specific focus, you will have much more room for error.

Forget about extension

I know you may hear coaches tell you to get your hands extended. Forget it. That concept is over-rated. You can drive the ball just as well with you hands inside the ball in a “Power V position”. Being balanced while demonstrating a powerful swing with torque generated from the hips is the key.

I hope these simple concepts can you as a hitter.

Apply them as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Good luck!

What has been your “proper hitting technique”?

Comment below and let me know what kind of baseball swing tips you need!



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