How can a player increase his baseball grip strength and fore-arm power the right way?

What is the best approach to do so without wasting time on methods and strategies that won’t help you?

How do you become the strongest version of yourself as a baseball player?

All these questions will be answered with Strong Man Jedd Johnson! Hope you’re ready for some juciy baseball tips that will get you so excited you won’t be able to wait to hit the gym and batting cages!

Thanks Jedd you’re the man!

Grab your copy of  “Ultimate Forearm Training for baseball”

Strongman Contests

  • 2003—TPS Massachusetts State Strongman Championships
  • 2004—TPS Massachusetts State Strongman Championships
  • 2004—Maryland’s Strongest Man
  • 2005—Wise Wellness Strongman Contest
  • 2005—Saxonburg Strongman Contest
  • 2005—TPS Massachusetts State Strongman Championships
  • 2005—Maryland’s Strongest Man
  • 2006—Stronger Than All II
  • 2006—Wise Wellness 2006

Grip Contests

  • 2003—Battle for Grip Supremacy
  • 2004—Feats with Hands
  • 2004—Global Grip Challenge ’04
  • 2005—Global Grip Challenge ’05
  • 2006—Global Grip Challenge ’06
  • 2006—Backyard Bastard Bash II

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