There is something about a lefty’s swing that is different right?

Some intangible yet aesthetic aspect about their swing from that side of the plate just makes looking at those kind’s of hitters just a little bit more fun to watch. At least for me.

Robinson Cano is a perfect example!

Last week I did a video on “How to Hit a Baseball like Jackie Robinson” and explained how Jackie’s style seemed like he played a bit out of control.

With reckless abandon right?

Well what’s funny is that Robinson Cano is actually named after Jackie. They both played the same positions in New York and yet Cano’s style of play is almost completely opposite.

Robinson Cano’s plays completely within himself which is why his swing looks so effortless.

In this video I’ll be sharing with you how Cano gets his edge at the plate while playing with the big boys.

I hope you enjoy this video!

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    • Jalen

      Yes absolutely! There are rappers that make more or just as much money. People have lived their whole life’s to make it to the show and get their family out of debt and give back to their community. #appreciategreatness

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