I’ve always been amazed as to how Jackie Robinson was able to perform the way he did in a culture that provided very little support for his presence.

It took an unimaginable amount of courage and self-discipline to be successful at the plate while withstanding the bigotry and racism that he experienced.

He was a true model.

An now a movie that will be telling his story and sharing his message will be put on the big screen!

So with that in mind I decided to do another “How to Hit a baseball” video with Jackie Robinson.

In this youtube hitting tips video I’ll be sharing my take on why Jackie was able to hit over .300 while playing with reckless abandon and poise!

Take a look!

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I’ll be picking a lucky winner who will receive a free ticket to watch the new Jackie Robinson movie “42”.

Thanks everyone!

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    12 replies to "How to Hit a Baseball like Jackie Robinson w/ Reckless Abandon"

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    • yashtrvd04

      Hey Mark, how have you been?

      I have been told a lot that the knob of the bat should be
      pointing at the pitcher at a certain point during the swing and it sure looks
      like Mr. Robinson’s unorthodox swing does exactly that. It helps him keep the
      bat on the same plane as the ball and that allows him to make good contact and
      drive the ball. Also it never looks like he is trying too hard to hit the ball…his
      swing looks so smooth. As they say… “See the ball, hit the ball,” and that is
      exactly what Mr. Robinson seems to be doing…keeping it sweet and simple.

      Also the fact that he did not let the environment he lived
      in affect him at all is pretty amazing…great person, great character!!!

    • Scott Schoenfeld

      I admire his confidence that he brought to the plate especially in a time that he was not very welcomed in the sport!

    • Richie

      I like his separation before swinging and his leveled swing. I also saw some video on him that makes me believe he let the ball get deep in the zone.

    • baseballplayer31

      I like how jackie had a swing that worked for him and a little bat drop a bit like J.D Martinez at the start of his swing.

    • baseballplayer10

      I like how jackie had a swing that worked for him and a little bat drop a bit like J.D Martinez at the start of his swing

    • Gerard Allison

      i like how jackie robinson had quick hands and i nice level swing, the best part of his swing was actually having courage to go up to bat everyday and face all stuff people said, and he never gave up.

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