There I was, sitting six rows back in the stands from home plate, watching the Blue-Jays compete against the Angels. A fantastic game. However, the thing I enjoyed the most was watching both Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes display their physical prowess. One was big and strong.

The other was quick and strong.

I believe there is a way that every player can build his body to reach it’s true potential. Most players never do.

I want to share with you a few ways you can do it based on a question that I received from a recent Hitting Machine Academy Member. ( Glad to have you Evan!)

In this video, I’ll discuss a few things that you can do to promote growth, strength and athletic ability that translates to the ball field.

Hope ya enjoy this Art of Baseball QnA!

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    • NJ_Father

      Excellent motivational and informational video with simple steps to strike a good balance of proper nutrition for strength training and before game performance.

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