So there you are, preparing for your next at bat.

You’re in the on deck circle and there is a scout in the stands looking for a player that shows he can play at the next level.

He knows what he’s looking for……do you?

When Mike Trout was a just a high-school prospect he sure as heck did! Good news! You do’t have to reinvent the wheel! Learn “How to get the attention of a baseball scout: Mike Trout Style.

Have a routine

The difference in talent in regards to HIGH PROSPECT players at the amateur level really isn’t that far off from the average Major Leaguer or college player. The biggest difference lies in the level of consistency.

Big League players don’t nessasarrily hit the ball harder or farther than most other talented players but they are able to do so more consistently.

Having a pre-game and pre-at-bat routine is effective when trying to establish a groove both physically and mentally.

Perform your warm-up swings, timing, and mental game plan in the same way before each at-bat and you’ll find that you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to hit the ball hard!


Run hard on anything and everything

Can you play this game with reckless abandon? Can you play with passion and joy? Have you forgotten why you began playing this game in the first place?

Show how much you enjoy being on the field and a scout will take note. It’s about accomplishing the little things and doing them when no one is looking that sets you apart from your team-mates and other players on the field.

You better believe a scout will have you on stop watch! Help the scout make his job easier by running hard to first base as best as you can. YES, even on pop-ups!!! As a player, you only have so many opportunities to show what you have! Make the most of it!

Never show emotion

Almost every single scout is completely UNCONCERNED with whether or not you get a hit. In fact they prefer to see you fail a few times to see your response to adversity.

Remember…….most scouts are “body language guys”.

Take a big turn

If you end up getting a hit show some BASEBALL INSTINCTS! Take a big aggressive turn around first and put pressure on the defense. Seeing a baseball player take an extra base and put the game in his own hands is one of the best ways to get a baseball scouts’ attention!

Who is going to win the Al/NL MVP?

The 2012 AL MVP will be announced in a few days!

Who’s your pick?!! Share in the comments below!


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