This is a five part series about how I was able to play at the Division one level after sitting on the bench in Junior College for three years.

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Asking the right Questions

If there is ever a positive thing about sitting on the bench, it’s that you have a lot of time to think and reflect about your situation. Not having your focus on making adjustments and competing everyday allows you to ask yourself some pretty interesting as well as important questions such as:

Do you really love baseball? 

Do you truly love the game for itself or only becuase it makes you feel cool. Are you doing it to please your family,  or do you play to challenge yourself and become a better person. Are you truly passionate about getting the most out of your potential? What is your real motivation?

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing baseball?

How else would you be spending your time if you weren’t spending it on swinging a bat and throwing a baseball? Do those other activities interest you more? If so, you may want to examine those ideas.

What would you give to play this game at the highest level?

This is an important question because I know that majority of players don’t have a clue of the sacrifice and dedication that it truly takes to actually get the most out of their potential and play professionally.

Take the time to ask yourself these questions and you may be surprised as to how you truly feel.

Becoming aware will allow you to take action.

You will either decide that you will play this game and not let anything EVER, get in your way, or you will realize that though you like baseball, there are other things that could be just as interesting.

Always know why you are playing. Play with purpose.


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