One of the most important principles a young hitter could understand is the idea of an aggressive mind-set at the plate.

Really what it comes down to is the level of expectations the hitter as before each pitch.

Expecting that they’re going to hit the ball hard. Not hoping.

Expecting that the next pitch i going to  be a strike and a pitch they can handle. Not waiting to see if it’s a strike. Assuming it will be a strike instead.

Expectations is key.

Which is why I try to communicate to my players that if they want to develop their skill-sets, they need to increase their standards.

What do they consider a Quality At-Bat. How much effort are they willing to give during each batting practice session, and so on.

With that in mind, a great place to start is to critique Mookie Betts’ swing, level of aggressiveness and see if there is anything that we can draw upon to get similar results.

Hope this helps.

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