Holy Snikeys!

There stands Albert Pujols, two steps from my team-mates, bending down to pick up a bat and he looks like a 3-D movie.

He’s far away but his tricep and forearm muscles look like they’re POPPING out right in front of your face like a HD 1080 pixeled image of an MLB all-star.

“How do I get my arms like those”, one of my team-mates blurted out.

That’s also one of the questions i get from baseball parent’s that I work with from week to week.

“How can i help my son’s hand and forearm strength develop more?

This is an important topic so let’s “get er done” with some helpful baseball advice shall we?!

I hope you enjoy this video.

Quick question.

What would you rather have? Major League Grip Strength or Major League Bat-Speed?

RELPY and tell me why!

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What did you think of this video?

Do you need more fore-arm strength? What are you going to do to develop it? Let me know.

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