So a player and his dad came up to me the other day. The father expressed his present concern about his son’s hitting ability.

“How can I help my son to be a well rounded hitter”?

Suffice to say I’m surrounded by many other parents and players that share the same sentiment.

Becoming a great well rounded hitter begins with understanding the psychology and basic principles of doing so.

You have to access what your strengths and weakness are. You have to know what each game situations is calling for and so on.

The game situation will always dictate the approach.

With that being said, here is what I told him.

” You have to be willing to except that becoming a well rounded hitter first begins with taking the first step in doing so. Commit to becoming one and the obstacles and challenges will arrive to help you get there”.

“The obstacles to becoming a good hitter is the way to becoming a good hitter”

Let’s break down a PERFECT example of what a good hitter does in a particular situation like this.

I hope you enjoy this video.

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    1 Response to "How to be a “well rounded” hitter. [Derek Jeter Style]"

    • Patrick Mullin


      Very nice breakdown of Jeter’s swing in the video. I love the perspective you take on becoming an all around hitter. You lay things out very well for a viewer. I give hitting lessons and one of the things I stress is knowing the situation, knowing your role, and knowing what the pitcher wants you to do. It is not enough to just tell them, “drive it up the middle.” There is so much more to it than that. However, too many coaches have stressed this idea to young hitter’s that it is now all they think about. That is not the way to be a good hitter. We both know that.

      These challenges and obstacles you speak of can be of huge importance to a hitter’s development. Here’s my approach. The last 10 minutes of a lesson I now teach my 13-14 year olds what to do long before they ever face these challenges so they execute it properly in the moment. I call it hitting strategy. It’s that part of the hitting lesson that I love the most because it really gets a kid’s mind and competitive juices flowing. And you know what? The feedback is great so I try and keep developing more for the guys to learn from. If you ever want to talk hitting or baseball some more check out my site and shoot me an email:


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