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How to be a smooth ball-player and impress a scout ( 2 simple baseball-tips)

So you want to get the attention of a scout on the field?

That’s easy…….just remind them of the other players they have drafted before.

When your on the field, if you can move like a player that knows what he’s doing, you’re going to get his attention.

The truth is, you don’t have to even perform well, to get him to write your name down. You just have to show him that you can:

  • Be quick and athletic
  • Calm and under control
The next part is being able to do this at game speed, under pressurre, and in key situations
But before that, you have to show them you are athletic. Call it smooth, pretty, or slick. I’m not in any way condoning show-boating, but I do mean showcasing your skills.
If you are lacking them, here they are.

Have a quick release

As the level of competition gets better, the faster each play becomes. Meaning you have less time to hit,field, or throw a baseball, and um oh yea….this “game” is a “game of inches” if you didn’t know;)

The quicker you can do a particular movement while staying under control, and within your capabilities, the more you will look like you know what you are doing, the better your projection will be and chances are the more successful you will be.


Be under control (Emphasis long/exaggerated movements)

A great way for a player to start implementing smooth/athletic movements is by first understanding what the correct movements are wether it’s fielding, hitting or throwing a baseball, then repeating those movements with slightly longer exaggerated movements to get a feel for the different kind of approach. I’m not a huge advocate of dissecting mechanics- instead I think it’s better to learn how to emulate successful players through observation and then copying them until you find a groove/success.

I did this by emulating big-leaguers and then getting it on tape.  I think you will find more rapid development if you understand how big-league athletes move their bodies, and apply it every day on video then “rinse and repeat.”

Take a look at any big-leaguer in practice. They move slowly. Like a tiger in a cage. Full of potential energy yet expending the least amount of it……

Be slow….be under control….be smooth…..and you’ll impress…… ball!

2 thoughts on “How to be a smooth ball-player and impress a scout ( 2 simple baseball-tips)

  1. Lots of sports specific training coupled w/ static lifts like squats and bench press.

    I’m trying to put on weight without losing range of motion!

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