Are you a smaller guy who’s looking for power?

You’re in the right place!

Alright if you a hitter ABOVE 5’9 please stop reading this. Just take your 6 foot frame somewhere else(better yet just( watch this) and mind your business because this doesn’t concern you!!

Frankly, I’m simply looking out for my boys 5’9 and below:)

Yes I still have a chip on my shoulder for you bigger guys;)

Alright, so if your considered a smaller guy, its probably safe to say that you have been told to hit “line drives” or if you have speed, to “hit the ball on the ground”.

In most cases they are right. As a player it really is your responsibility to know what your capabilities are and what your role is on the team.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least have the “ability” to hit a bomb here and there. And to some extent, I do believe showing a little bit of pop as a little guy does bring some attention from scouts because it will show that a player can display:

  • Bat control (correct angles)
  • Understanding the game’s situation
  • Knowing the capabilities of the opposing pitcher
  • Bat speed
  • Having an idea of getting your hands back

Another important reason why a smaller player should be able to hit with some power is to be a threat of scoring runners that aren’t necessarily in scoring position.

So how can a smaller player hit for power? Well lets look at some examples of some smaller players with pop, and what they all do the same mechanically.

They have developed there forearms.

Yes I would say every player in the BIGS (with the exception of Ichiro) has developed their forearms to the point where it sets them apart from the average player.

The great thing is that there is a lot of things you can do to develop your forearms to this level.

You can start here…..

Fore Arm Power!!!

They get into their “slot position”

Take a look at every single Professional hitter, and one thing that they have in common is their ability to get their hands back before their hips rotate. It’s as simple as this… order to drive the ball, your hands have to be loaded before your hips pull your hands through the zone.

In order to drive the off-speed…your hands have to stay back.

Simple enough?

They hit the ball out in front

Hitting the ball out in front( pulling it) means your being aggressive and ready to hit the fastball. Being aggressive is a necessary part of hitting good fastballs, so once your able to establish this, power simply comes with the territory.

Yes it’s a given fact that to be a true hitter you have to be able to hit to all fields. Unless your role is simply to drive in runs, pulling the ball is something you do deepening on the situation. But when the situation arises, you need to learn how to take advantage of this. Here are a few examples.

  • Up by a larger amount of runs and late in the game
  • Ahead of the count
  • Your coach says, “Let it Fly”
  • Avoiding a double play (meaning absolutely no balls on the ground!)

If you have been told that your not a power hitter, and you’re below 5″10 then they are probably right……….But Don’t Listen!!!!!!

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