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Welcome to the Art of Baseball Productions Hitting Drills section. Here you will find baseball interviews that discuss the newest and effective hitting drills that both youth baseball players as well as high school baseball players can use and run with.

To get the most out of this page make sure you look through each hitting drill video and article and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in the contact form above or search for a more specific hitting drill question in the search box below.

A great place to start is here.

Hitting Drills on How to Hit a Baseball Like Bryce Harper

Hitting Drills on How to Hit a Baseball Like Miguel Cabrera

Hitting Drills on How to Hit a Baseball Like Mike Trout

Hitting Drills on how to  Hit a Baseball Like Buster Posey

Hitting Drills for mechanics

Batting tips on how to stay inside the baseball and attack the inner-half

Batting tip Hitting Drills on hitting with more power 

Batting tip on finding the proper hitting stride for you

This is a great place to start. Get familiar with these videos and apply them to start seeing some progress in your ability to drive the ball to all fields while being the type of player that really stands out in the line-up and on the field.

Again if you have any question about these hitting drill videos or batting tips don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions.