This batting tip was written for you to get a clear concept of what your hands should be doing in a correct swing.

It’s a short quick read. Just like a swing should be. Read it in under 2 minutes, and you should come out a better hitter!!!

Here goes.

If there is one thing that I found absolutely fascinating about hitting is that all it takes is a tiny adjustment to see positive results. This can be a good thing when you have an idea of what adjustments to make. It can be a burden though when you are unaware of bad habits you may have picked up during the course of a season.

For example some hitters may find themselves struggling simply from not using the hands correctly. This can be broken down into 3 simple sections.

Beginning Hand Movement

After you have taken your stance, whatever that looks like, and as you have begun to prepare for the pitch, you should start your load. Also known as a power-position. Depending on your stride length, you hands and lead foot should be going in opposite directions. Unless you have no stride. But none the less your hands must have some sort of movement back before your hips begin pulling it through the zone. Not to far back though. Your lead arm should still be L-shaped.

Bat path

Phrases like “straight to the ball” and “hit through the ball” may sound contradicting to some. And it is! But the reality is the sooner you can get the head of the bat on the same plane as the pitch, the greater chance you have of making solid contact. The correct path to the ball is a balance of staying on top while hitting through the strike zone.

Get the idea of chopping the ball out of your head, because thats not what you are doing, even when you think you are!

Imagine the strike zone as a box and the goal is to hit through that box on a level plan. A correct bath path makes the shape of a NIKE sign.

Bat Angle

The better you can stay inside the ball the longer you will be able to stay back to pick up spin and location. This is key when learning to hit the ball where it is pitch as well as situational hitting.

Your bottom arm should make a “V” shape at the point of contact.

That’s it! Remember, the better you are able to keep things simple and fun, the more success you will have. When you’re hitting don’t be afraid to forget everything you have learned. Let your body simply react. Trust me, your body has great instincts and is a lot smarter than you think!

Good Luck! Do Play your heart out!!!!!

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