Hello everyone! This weeks Q/A  comes a form Derek who is looking for a little motivation to get him through the Baseball Season.

I’m sure we can all relate to the baseball challenges that players experience throughout a season.

What have been some of your challenges you have face? Share in the comments below!


Motivation comes form within- Before and after every game. Before and after every season. It is MOTIVATION,that allows a player to overcome obstacles. As a player, you can either look at obstacles as an unsurpassable object or a stepping stone. Either way you will be right.

Fear V.S Motivation- Lack of motivation sometimes stems from fear. Fear of failure or fear of success. True Motivation comes from focusing on what positive events may happen(opportunity) and off of negative events(obstacles).

Failure is always a good thing- Michael Jordan missed over 3,000 shots in his career. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times. Throughout their careers, they failed again again and again, this is why they succeeded.



    3 replies to "Episode 4- Three Baseball Philosophies"

    • Jamison

      Hey Mark, 

      I have had a problem with staying consistent with fielding and hitting. Either I will be doing very well hitting and fielding not to my potential or vise versa. Any tips on how I be consistent with both?   

    • DEM

      Hey Mark,

      My challenge this season is confidence at the plate. Before this season I hadn’t played in over 10 years. I’m struggling big time at the plate. I’ve read all the articles about hitting and they are helping as a practice everyday. Thank you for these encouraging philosophies.

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