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Domingo Ayala V.S Kenny Powers. Vote-Post and win a free Domingo T-shirt!


Help Domingo Ayala Beat Kenny Powers, and win a free Domingo T-shirt or other merchandise!

Just Vote and Post a comment, and a random winnner will be chosen each week!

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91 thoughts on “Domingo Ayala V.S Kenny Powers. Vote-Post and win a free Domingo T-shirt!

  1. GO Domingo!!

  2. could he be the lost grandson of famous latin American ball player, juan motime?

  3. uncanny resemblance to jose valentin, although jose was better at showing off his roided out muscles

  4. Domingo can hit “de high bomb and de pull bomb at de san tine.”

  5. Take off your mask e’ry chance you get

  6. fastball inside…BOMB!
    erry tine

  7. Kenny is putting how you say….All his baskets into one egg. Go Dimingo!

  8. Domingooo

  9. Domingo all day

  10. dominggoooo

  11. Domingo!!!!!!! Poppin Kenny’s chain

  12. eeesssss God geevin!

  13. Hi how you are doing? Wha kenny powers play semi-pro?!? Domingo beisbol academy

  14. I vote for DOMINGO!!!!!! GOOOOOOO DOMINGO!!!!!!

  15. kenny play semi-pro

  16. Kenny is going to have to have Brinks security on speed dial. Two time first rounder for the win ! AAAAIIIII !!!!!

  17. Ayala beder long ball hidder, every tine

  18. Go Domingo… I vote Big D ALL the way!!! He es God Given!!

  19. iDomingo all the way! He no semi pro

  20. Domingo Ayala!! No doubt about it!!! Es god given lol

  21. Domingo all the way #It’sGodGiven

  22. Domingo is my boy So I would defiantly choose him… It’s God Given 

  23. Domingo hands down

  24. I want a free shirt

  25. DOMINGO !!!!

  26. Whatchu play, SEMI-PRO?

  27. baking cookies!

  28. You throw in his wheelhouse he hit bomb evry tyne.

  29. its God-Given!

  30. Domingo Ayala evry tyne

  31. Es God Given. Of course he should win. Kenny powers play Semi-pro!

  32. Domingo is so good he has won awards batting titles in leagues he has never played in… Domingo for pres.

  33. Is like day say. U kill two stone wit one bird!

  34. Kenny es semee-pro… Domingo is better for the sole purpose of being a 6x 1st round draft pick. Es like killin to birds with one stone, Its God Given!

  35. Sorry Kenny, just watch Domingo pay his respects….because its God given

  36. Domingo you are my hero


  38. Domingo Allll the way kid! JAJAJAJAA!

  39. I Vote Domingo! Two Reasons: 1. You just cannot stop the backdoor bunt and 2. Domingo for one year played SS and LF so he could hit twice in the lineup. You can’t teach that, it’s God given!

  40. Not my tattoo by the way……

  41. domingo will beat kenny powers errrrry time!

    1. NAAAAAAAH Domingo Out Kenny Powers is in! When have you ever seen Domingo play in the bigs!??? Kenny Did!!!! And he has his own t.v show!!!!! What!!!!!?

  42. im a pitcher but id take domingo…

  43. kenny power semi-pro domingo no semi-pro!!

  44. and domingo would hit bombs all day

  45. and domingo would hit bombs all day

  46. Kenny would throw in Domingo’s wheel house all day!

  47. Kenny can’t beat Domingo “remember it’s god-given”

  48. Domingo would hit bomb off KP.

  49. Kenny can’t bunt like Domingo.

  50. Domingo Beisbol, It’s God-Given!!!! You throw him pitch, he drop a bomb. haha

  51. Domingo all the way! This guy has to hit in the .940’s and 3/4 of his hits are bombs! Definition of professional!

  52. All scout know Domingo no semi-pro!

  53. Domingo’s accent makes him so much funnier than Kenny.
    But Kenny is funny as hell

  54. Maybe they could have a mini domingo as a mascot? Lol instead of the pig!

  55. I vote for Domingo, OK. He should come to St. Paul to play with the St Paul Saints… wait, they are semi-pro.

    1. I ‘ve actually seen them play!

  56. It’s like they say, the early worm eats the bird.

  57. Domingo because he can do it all! what kenny play? Semipro????

  58. Domingo is a BomB!

  59. He has more god given talent

  60. Domingo beacuse he makes sure his bat is hard everytime by using cialis. And he can make a double steal beacuse after all “it’s God given”

  61. Domingo ayala because if you throw it in his wheel house he will make it rain home runs. Because it’s god given

  62. domingo evry tine. you throw it anywhere near the strike zone and he hit a bomb.

  63. domingo ayala plays every position. baseball even made a new position because of domingo ayala called home run

    1. dat iz cus… god given…

  64. Domingo Ayala! Because… ITS GOD-GIVEN!

  65. No doubt bout it. Domingo all the way….cuz he’s in your dome!!!

  66. does fireng lizard stresh help you to get notice bi scout?

  67. Kenny es semi pro. Domingo no es semi pro. Domingo help ju becom a bedder beisbol player. Domingo teesh mi how to do dubbel steel an how to do fireng lizard stresh. Thank yu Domingo!!

    1. he taught this stretch too:)

  68. Vote for Domingo… every time!! Ayyy!

  69. […] Domingo Ayala V.S Kenny Powers. Vote-Post and win a free Domingo T-shirt! […]

  70. domingo all day son!!!

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  75. Domingo is the greatest to ever grace a baseball field

  76. Kenny Powers is an actor. Domingo is the real thing. Powers can't pitch or field a ground ball. I've seen Domingo play and he's the real thing. Check him out on the Cal-State Fullerton website. That team wouldn't have invited him to tryout if he wasn't legit.

  77. Domingo, Evry Tine! He is always ready to hit fasbol enside for a bomb.

  78. Domingo of course, he's no semi-pro.

  79. Domingo is awesome. Videos are hilarious. Go Domingo!

  80. Domingo, of course. Kenny is a loose cannon. No loose cannons on my team. Go Domingo!

  81. Don't forget to vote and comment!

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