Have you seen anyone drive the ball with as much authority as Chris Davis has?

Yes maybe Miguel Cabrera…or Mark Trumbo but c’mon!

He’s hit almost 40 home-runs before the All-Star break! Pretty impressive.

So what’s his secret?

How is he generating this kind of bat-speed? Well he’s executing most of the check-points that I’ve discussed in the “how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper” video as well as the “Miguel Cabrera Hitting Drill” video but Chris is doing a few other things that are partly responsible for the power numbers he’s put up recently.

Oh…and yea he’s hitting over .300.

In this video I’ll be discussing five hitting tips that you can apply to your own approach at the plate.

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    7 replies to "Crush The Ball Like Chris Davis & Make It Look Easy."

    • Chris Davidson

      These hitting tips are the best! They helped me a lot! Can you do brandon belt? He was on pace to be the 2014 home run king, but a thumb injury derailed him. Thanks!

    • Alex

      Thanks so much, I wish I can talk to you in person ! Youve really help me I had 21 homerun last year and hit for average as well! You should be a MLB hitting coach

    • kehlin

      how does chris davis slow swing hit the ball so far

    • AJ

      Can you do an analysis video of Adrian Beltre swing?

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