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Having the right goals for baseball

Through the process of facing challenges,goal setting is an essential part of taking initiative to achieve your goals. You have to have goals setting otherwise you wouldn’t know what your true goals are, what your deepest desires are, or specifically what you want out of this game. It’s not enough to simply say, “I want to play professional baseball”, or “division one baseball”, or “run a 6.5 sixty”. You have to be willing to write down your specific goals and how you will go about accomplishing them. Notice how I said write, not simply acknowledge them and try to remember them. It needs to be written down and put in a place where you can see or look at it every day.

Why is it important to look at these everyday?

Well like what was explained in Chasing down the Dream or Law of attraction we attract into our lives what we think of, the mental pictures that we hold in our heads, so having your written goals put in a place where you can see every day will allow you to see these goals as already happening, as you presently accomplishing them. Imagine what you could accomplish if you wrote down what you desired the most out of this game, looked at it everyday, and imagined what it would feel like for it to have happened, The possibilities are truly endless, your success is truly and solely in your hands.

So you want to run a 6.5 sixty? Then list 10 things that you can do to make them happen. You don’t have to list them at once, but at least a few things. Maybe make a commitment to do plyometrics on your own three times a week for a whole month, or a commitment to stretch twice a day to increase flexibility. Now that you know you are taking control of your life, you will be more convinced that what you desire, you can manifest into your life. So with action and the daily reminder of what your intentions are for baseball, improvement is inevitable

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Hello world!

Well I would like to first express my gratitude and appreciation for your visit to this section of the site. I hope that I have found a way to both enlighten  you in the subjects of interest. Chances are, you are probably very much familiar with what I will be discussing with the relationship that personal development has with baseball. Suffice to say that you are a parent, and more than likely have much more life experiences that I do, but I hope that my words are able to provide at least a small amount of perspective which will hopefully provide some sort aid in the process of inspiring and guiding your child to a succesful career in baseball!