Baseball has always provided us with hope. Whether if it’s one of our heroes on pace to break a formidable record or a team defying the odds in becoming true champions. Every year as the dramatic and sometimes epic story of a baseball season unfolds we are reminded of how wonderful this game can be, but every once in a while someone else surprises us and shows us that we don’t have to have the ability to slug a ball 500 ft or throw it 95 miles an hour to inspire people of their own greatness. We can simply live our own lives by example. We can be an average Joe and yet aspire to inspire millions upon millions of people through simply pursuing what makes us happy. This is what Bob Salomon is doing and if you don’t know who he is… should. He has been from the beginning, the catalyst behind the The story of “A Glove of Their Own” a “home run” in the MLB world and others alike.  It’s message of “paying it forward” has captured professional athletes and organizations alike and it’s list of supporters and fans grows daily.

Come see what everyone is talking about as Bob continues to bring the world of sports together for a common goal.

Making a difference!

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Be sure to read about his next project with former MLB star, Dough Glanville; Salomon and Glanville Team Up.  You’ll see there message of never giving up and the ability to overcome life’s obstacles.  

Google Bob Salomon or “A Glove of Their Own” to learn more.


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    • Mikewilliamsen

       Playing sports build self esteem, sportsmanship, courage to face fear, pride in defeat, humility in victory, sel discipline. I told my wife, “everything you love about me I developed in baseball.”  “A Glove of Their Own” is the icon of the heart of baseball, a game we need to get back to the kids, for the love of the game.

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