I didn’t learn how to become a true switch-hitter until I was around 22 years old but when I did it was a huge skill-set for me and served as a major advantage.

All breaking ball pitches were breaking towards me and I was able to pick up the ball out of the pitcher’s hand more effectively because the pitcher was always throwing from the opposite side of the mound.

A lot of people share the misconception that if you don’t start switch hitting early it will be too late to start later in your career. That’s absolutely false. I’m a testament to that.

In this Art of Baseball QnA video, I’ll be sharing with you a unique idea that relates closely with the overall developing process of being able to hit from both sides of the plate. The idea or process of a lack of better words is the “Myelin Sheath”.

The Myelin Sheath is the insulator of your neural pathways that are responsible with the process of building and developing new skills and knowledge. This is very important because as the Myelin Sheath grows, we learn things quicker and the entire process compounds on itself.

The most interesting thing about this entire topic is that only up until recently, scientists have discovered that Myelin responds in direct proportion to the amount of electrical activity that it experiences, IE practice.

In this video I’ll discuss how it works and what things you can do specifically to grow your Myelin Sheath to start hitting better from your non dominant side in no time.

Enjoy the video!


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