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Baseball tips from father to son

How can you ever overestimate the power of fatherly advice to a son. With each word and gesture, a young player is slowly given the potential to become a man.

The role of a father, or a baseball father for that matter, can be a gigantic responsibility. A father can be a speaker of truth. Or an obstacle. Serving as a hinderance or bad example.

It has been sometime since I have seen my father.

Actually it’s been years, and most of my childhood memories have been replaced with other things throughout the process of becoming an adult, but what I do remember is this.

He bought me my first glove. As well as my first bat.

And for that I will be forever grateful.

Not every player that has made it to the major leagues has had the luxury of receiving baseball advice from a father figure. A blue print that shows which choices to make. How learning to be a man at an early age holds the potential to give you an incredible advantage in the world.

With the ability to take action, you can learn to turn on a fastball.

With discipline, you can work on your game like a true craftsman.

Developing faith and compassion can give you the ability to forgive you failures and carry on.

By learning what a man’s priorities are you can learn to play with a sense of purpose.

Baseball requires us to develop character like no other.

Baseball requires us to become men.

If you’re a baseball father, what tips and advice have you given?

If a player, what wisdom can you remember?