There are a handfull of reasons why I love this game. The history…..the allure of baseball legends. I love the stories as well. One story that sticks out in my mind as I contemplate the various ones I have witnessed is the Adam Greenberg story.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard it to.

Adam Greenburg was struck in the head on the first pitch of the first at-bat and first game in his big league career. He was one of two players in league history to be hit by a pitch in their first and only plate appearance without ever taking the field.

This all changed when he made his first plate appearance since that fateful day with the Florida Marlins.

It goes without saying that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to step back into the batters box after experiencing a 90 plus mph fastball to the head.

Fortunately we can ask him! Adam Greenburg will join us to share  what it’s like attempting to overcome a setback like this while exlplaing what his mentality is moving forward.

Do you have a question you’d like to ask him?

Make sure you join us LIVE on Thursday night so that you can ask your questions!

What’s your biggest take away from this interview?

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    • Juan

      any winners?

    • Justin Thornton

      Biggest take away for me was “stay within yourself.” In high school I was seen by coaches differently then how I saw myself as a ballplayer (and still do).  They saw me as hardworking but lacking in skill and baseball knowledge. I knew I had the skill but I just couldn’t play my game under their preconceived notions of my ability because the thought of how they already saw me. I definitely let this get to me. Now I’m starting my freshmen year of college baseball with a new mindset and can definitely take away just staying within myself and playing my game, no matter what my talent is perceived as by any coaches. (Plus the college coaches see something differently then what my high school coaches did or else I wouldn’t still be playing.)

      • Mark Brooks

        Great response Justin! Thanks for sharing that. Let me know how your season goes this year!

    • Blake Benedetto

      Hands down I would have to say the biggest thing I took away from Adam’s interview and story, is how important it is to have a goal and stay committed! Adam is an “undersized” baseball player by most terms, so that alone presents numerous challenges he has to overcome. Then on top of that you throw in what he has been through with him being beaned in the head and nearly ruining his career. Heck most guys would have given up on their goal when scouts and coaches said they were too small. But not only did Adam stay committed and work even harder then, he went above and beyond that. He reached his dream of playing in the big leagues then had it taken away just like that! So here he is staying committed and overcoming numerous other obstacles trying to reach that goal again. I cant say enough how big of a heart this guy must have. Just goes to show you that anyone can make it to the top, you just have to stay committed to your goals, outwork everyone and keep believing. Thats why this game is so great!

    • Ethan

      Darn it doesn’t work for IPad I was really looking forward to Adam. Best of luck on your Road to the Bigs Adam I know you can do it and good luck.

    • Juan

      This interview taught me that giving up can continually haunt you, but you gotta convince yourself that your work is not done. And adapting to the moment, pushing past pain and avoiding shortcuts. And morphing such a tragic event into a motivational tool to triumph. Email: Juan.Alvarez11@ymail:disqus .com ….my two boys loved it thanks for your time

    • Anthony Moore

      That No matter what road blocks Life throws at you..your will power and work ethic will trump all …and that if you give it your all and know that there was nothing else you could of done and have no regrets you will be satisfied no matter the outcome

    • James Tarner

      Praying for you Adam. Good luck and keep on working hard!

    • Juan

      LETS DO THIS!!!

    • 46alimor

      God bless you Adam!

    • Jason

      OH YEAA! I PUMPED! I can’t wait!

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