In 2004, there were talks of a “phenom”. The word from the “high school baseball grape vine” was that he was hitting .750. He could run a 6.5 60 yard dash and had a BAZOOKA for an arm.Those kinds of rumors are hardly ever reliable.

Most of the time, in Florida, you could shake a tree and ten players with amazing talent would fall out like pieces of fruit. Florida is full of very talented amateur players.But this rumor was spot on. He was great.

His name was Andrew McCutchen. A future ALL-STAR. A future MVP.
His swing.

One of the principles that I STRESS in my private hitting lessons in Long Beach is the IMPORTANCE of simplifying the art of hitting with consistent routines.

Routine gives birth to innovation. Innovation provides insights that help you build skill-sets that make you stand out on the field.Andrew’s swing is SUPER simple.

He swings more like an athlete and less like a hitter but it works sot here is a lot that you can learn from his approach if you know what to look for.

That’s what we’ll be discussing today.

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