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A successful baseball player’s secret trait revealed

I’m about to tell you a little known secret that has been utilized in all works of life throughout the pursuit of happiness and success.

If you take advantage of this advice, there is no doubt in my mind that it will help you in the pursuit of a baseball scholarship, a professional baseball career, more playing time, better baseball exposure, college finances, scholarships and anything else you could pursue in the realm of turning baseball into a career for yourself or your child.

Are you ready for this “secret” trait?

It’s “FOCUS”

Wait, wait, I know what you’re probably thinking! “I already knew that” right?

But listen carefully, I don’t mean focus as in ,” having the discipline and motivation to stick with a particular task until completion”. What I mean is this…..

What you focus on will MAGNIFY in your life as you give it more attention. The more you focus on opportunities, the more opportunities will seem to appear in your life and more importantly, you will be able to leverage these new “opportunities” which you would have missed had you not had it as a “focus”.

So how do this help you as a baseball player or parent?!

Do you need a scholarship to help pay for college?

Do you need a mentor who can help give the right kind of baseball advice?

Do you need a different baseball environment?

Regardless of your role, everyone in the baseball community has certain needs and desires that they would like to be meet. We all have goals, the trouble is, at times we find oursleves struggling to accomplish these goals, or getting these needs met.

Fortunately, the solution is almost always present and can bee seen, given the right perspective!

Here is a perfect example below

The interesting thing is, the opportunity that can help provide you with these things is out there probably right in front of you staring you in the face. The trick is to adjust your perspective so that you can see these opportunities and take advantage of them while they’re still present.

Baseball will give both players and parents every opportunity to succeed but it will always be up to the individual to take action and make something happen.

The questions, “are you ready to take action”?!

Can you think of any “Moon Walking Bear Opportunities” that you may be missing out on?

Tell me below. I would love to hear your thoughtS and bounce ideas!

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