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8 Traits of a great baseball dad

I received a few emails about my previous post “Baseball tips from father to son” and there was a lot of positive feedback. The past few weeks I have been contemplating other characteristics that a baseball father can share with his son.

Here are the first 8 that came to mind.

A great baseball dad teaches his son to use logic, intuition, and faith instead of anger as the driving force of the choices he makes as a baseball player.

He inspires his son to use emotions that are self-enhancing and to eliminate emotions that are self destructive.

He instructs his son to use an admirable lack of self defensiveness while playing this game and not to attempt to impress others and gain approval, but to play with simplicity and naturalness.

A good baseball father teaches his son to understand that though baseball is a team sport, each player has a role to play- big or small. Understanding this will allow him to take on the responsibility of being a leader by example.

The son of a great baseball dad learns early that even though he may admire the elite athletes in baseball he views all people as human beings and places no one above themselves in importance and capability.

A successful baseball dad teaches his son that justice is elusive. Baseball has no bias and players will be treated accordingly. It’s not what happens to a player but how he responds that counts.

A baseball dad stresses the importance of being non-envious or to avoid the wishing of other’s failures. They should want to succeed on their own accord instead of by default or from the short-comings of their opponent or teammates in competition.

A great baseball dad teaches his son to be motivated by growth.

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