This is a Baseball Success Principle Video w/ Derek Jeter.

Please let me know what your favorite principle was (mine was #2) and who you’d like to see next in the comment section below.

I remember the first time I heard about Derek Jeter. It was around the same time I heard about Tiger Woods. I was in the 5th grade and  I had just established within my mind my love for the game. Derek Jeter had become the archetypal hero that I would come to emulate for the following 20 years.

When people ask me who’s a good ballplayer to emulate, I almost always respond with Derek Jeter. He’s the perfect model in every facet of the game. The competitive/mental side. The approach/mechanical side…

…and the Baseball Principles side.

Hence the video!

In this video, Derek Jeter will share his top 5 Baseball Success Principles in which he will discuss the importance of:

  1. Embracing the situation.
  2. Recalling past successes.
  3. Going back to what works.
  4. Understanding true team chemistry
  5. The importance of having fun.

Please enjoy this Art of Baseball episode and please let me know what you think of the video and who you would like to see text in the AoB: Baseball Success Principles Series.


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What did you think of this video?

What do you think of Derek Jeter’s Success Principles? Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite principle was & who you’d like to see next!

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