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4 reasons why you should be drinking more water in baseball(Don’t forget to tell your team-mates)

Don’t let your extra work go to waste

You remember the extra 45 minutes you spent in the weight room? Well all that will go to waste! Without water your cells cannot grow, reproduce, and thrive.

Keep your baseball instincts in check

Rehydration deficiencies have been known to cause foggy thinking and a lack of focus and concentration. If you haven’t figured it out, hitting a 90 mph fast-ball isn’t easy. It takes loads of concentration. Don’t let something small as not taking the time to drink fluid keep you out of the line-up, or from helping your team win the ball game.

Don’t be that guy!


You know the guy….the one during batting practice who doesn’t shag. Just stands there waiting for B.P to be over. Have you ever been guilty of this? If so, did you remember rehydrating earlier in the day? Water=Life=Energy. Just a  little as a 5% drop in body water has been known to cause a significant loss of energy.

The baseball season is a marathon not a sprint. Your body will ache.

Throughout the season, you will experience wear and tear. Water promotes healthy bodily function, that stimulates the healing and recovery process. Both joint pain as well as muscle aches are directly linked to activities on the ball- field. You can possibly speed of this recovery process by incorporating your bodies natural medicine.

There you have it boys. Good luck, do work.