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Be a Derek Jeter Swing Mechanic: How to be a Yankee Hitting Machine!


Fast-Ball middle in and what does Derek Jeter do?

He hits a hard line-drive in the opposite field gap…

How does he do it?

More importantly, how does he do it so consistently while making it look so easy? (If you haven’t watched the “How to hit a baseball like Derek Jeter” youtube video yet make sure you do that first before watching this Derek Jeter Swing Mechanic video).

He does it by letting the ball get as deep as possible to give him  more time to make an adjustment. This also allows him to hit pitches on the outer half of the plate and make the adjustment to off-speed pitches low and away as well as the ones left up in the zone.

What’s his approach?

Lots and lots of practice. In this “2 Easy Derek Jeter Hitting Drills for Better Contact” video I’ll share with you how I was able to implement Derek Jeter’s approach to hitting into my overall training.

I hope you enjoy this hitting drill video.

A great complimentary video for this baseball video is the how to hit a baseball like Bryce Harper video where I share with you where his Bat-Speed and power comes from.


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Steve Springer On Why The Batting Average Is Satan & How To Walk Up To The Plate With Confidence


I’m a firm believer that if you can really hit you’ll play. If you can literally change the momentum of a ball game with a swing of a bat on a consistent basis, making the transition to the next level of baseball is something that is completely within your grasp.

With that being said, becoming this kind of hitter is a very challenging thing to do. But it is possible and you can start by taking the advice of Toronto Blue Jays’ performance coach and big league scout Steve Springer.

We all know that you fail more than you succeed at the plate. So how do you learn from those failures?

What’s the biggest challenge?

In this AoB EXPERTS interview w/ Steve Springer he will tell you:

  • Why the Batting Average is Evil
  • What success truly is as a hitter
  • How to walk up to the plate with confidence every time

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2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Drills For Better Balance


Who has a better leg kick/leg lift than Joey Bats Bautista?

I can’t think of anyone…

Now we know that a lot of Jose Batista’s power comes from his balance.

And his balance comes from his back leg…

In this “2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Tips For Better Balance” video I will be sharing with you 2 simple baseball training/hitting drills and exercises that you can do that will take less than 5 minutes to become familiar with but will also take a life-time to MASTER.

Once you do you’ll realize it was worth learning because as you develop your balance…..your swing will have a direct response to that development.

Work hard and enjoy this baseball video!


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Being Manny’s Team-Mate & Playing Defense in the Big Leagues w/ Damian Jackson


Okay so you show up to to the ball park early to take extra batting practice….

You go to your locker to put on your favorite socks and they’re gone!

Where are they? You need them because you’re like every other ball player on the face of the earth!

You’re either very superstitious or you’re a creature of habit!

Either way you need to find the culprit. You need your lucky socks!

Now if you’re Damian Jackson on the other hand and your team-mate is a 20 something year old Manny Ramirez you know exactly who’s guilty!

Many thanks to Damian Jackson for stopping by to sit it on this week’s episode of AoB EXPERTS to talk about what is was like playing with Manny Ramirez as well as:

  • What it was like playing for the Boston Red Sox in the play offs
  • How to be a GREAT defender at the Big League level.
  • How to make the jump from high-school baseball to professional baseball in one year

Are you looking for some solid advice that will help take your game of baseball to the next level?

Well sit back and enjoy the show!

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