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2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Drills For Better Balance


Who has a better leg kick/leg lift than Joey Bats Bautista?

I can’t think of anyone…

Now we know that a lot of Jose Batista’s power comes from his balance.

And his balance comes from his back leg…

In this “2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Tips For Better Balance” video I will be sharing with you 2 simple baseball training/hitting drills and exercises that you can do that will take less than 5 minutes to become familiar with but will also take a life-time to MASTER.

Once you do you’ll realize it was worth learning because as you develop your balance…..your swing will have a direct response to that development.

Work hard and enjoy this baseball video!


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3 thoughts on “2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Drills For Better Balance

  1. Could you upload some drills for rotational hitting where the hips lead the hands

    1. If you search for that in the Art of Baseball search box you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

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