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How to Hit HOME-RUNS like Justin Upton w/ a Perfect Stride and Full Extension


Justin Upton Home-Run Batting Tips will be the “key-phrase” of the day.

In this video I will share with you 2 simple ways Justin Upton is CRUSHING the ball with a very simple swing that showcases little “pre-swing” and a WHOOOOLE lot of boom power!

That’s my way of saying…”when he hits the ball…the ball goes far”.

Take a look at the video below and entertain yourself with Justin Upton’s batting power and think about how you can incorporate these two simple batting tips into your own approach at the plate.


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Are You Sitting the Bench? Master These 4 Baseball Tips!


Sitting the bench is never fun.

Especially when you know you deserve being in the starting line-up.

Here is the thing. Sometimes baseball isn’t fair. Deal with it.

No one is ever going to care about your career mare than you which is why it’s so important that you respond to challenges like this in an effective way.

Listen below to these four simple baseball tips that I guarantee if you master will accelerate your success as a player who bounces back from sitting on the bench to becoming an everyday player that has a HUGE impact on in the starting line-up.

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Playing Multiple Sports, Going to College and proving MLB Scouts Wrong w/ Matt Antonelli


How do you become an everyday player at the professional level?

What should you do if you you’re given the opportunity to play both professional and college baseball?

What is it like getting your first big-league at-bat off of a future Hall of Famer?

These are some of the questions that I will be asking professional baseball player Matt Antonelli in this episode of AoB Experts.

Make sure you take a look at Matt Antonelli’s sweet swing below the interview video.

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Matt Antonelli’s Sweet Swing

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Staying Inside the Ball & Top Hand Bottom Hand w/ Steve Windsor Creator of the Insider Bat


What can I say? After going on a massive campaign of gathering some of the most brilliant baseball tips given by various baseball experts and innovative thinkers I’ve come to realize there is definitely no shortage of good baseball tips that can help young baseball players around the world become better ball players.

Which is what we’re going to do today!

The creator of the Insider Bat, Steve Windsor is joining us today to share with you how you can dramatically cut the learning curve of attacking the inner half of the baseball, master the top hand bottom hand routine and instantly increase your productivity during your batting practice sessions.


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