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Are your baseball beliefs Limiting or Liberating?

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your realty. Within this baseball community…….you are the sum total of your beliefs.

What’s even more interesting is that you can see this as adopted principles in almost every religious book.

It’s in the Bible, Koran, and the Talmud.

In the Bible it says” as a man thinketh in his heart so is he” or “according unto your faith, it is done unto you“.

This “baseball” law of belief is such a powerful force in our lives that even if our beliefs are based on untested assumptions, they still have an incredible impact on our lives.

In a particular story that I find extraordinarily fascinating is about a gifted student who achieved straight A’s throughout high-school. Prior to graduating he took his SAT and tested within the top 98%.

After getting the results, he was unaware of this score and had assumed that the 98 represented his I.Q which is considered 20 points below what is generally necessary for efficient work while completing college level courses.

His first semester of college he received straight D’s and failed almost every class.

The counselor has scheduled an appointment discuss his disappointing performance.

His response was ” you can’t blame me, I have an I.Q of 98″.

The counselor had explained upon bringing out his reports that the 98 represented where he stood within other students in the country. He had tested equal to or better than 98 % of students within North America of that year.

After realizing this he had completely changed his image of himself, and it didn’t take him very long to turn everything around for the better.

Stories like these have been examined within physiology and is consistent with experts within this field.
If we have self limiting beliefs irrespective to the degree of which it is true, they become true for us.

As baseball players almost ALL limiting beliefs are based on untested assumptions.

“You’re to small!”

“You’re not strong enough”

“You don’t have enough experience”

“You don’t have the right connections”

If we wan’t to achieve GREATNESS within the baseball community as baseball players, parents or coaches, we have to learn how to edit out any beliefs that contradict with what we truly intend to believe about ourselves that have a positive impact on our lives.

Are your baseball beliefs limiting or liberating?

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Weekend Baseball Advice

I know without a doubt that realizing your full potential as a baseball player, parent, or coach begins with your values as they apply to your own abilities in baseball.

Let’s just call them “Baseball Values”.

Your “Baseball Values” are expressed in your words and actions!

You can tell what your “Baseball Values” are by looking at what you do and the things that you say in regards to how you respond to the world around you.

Your “Baseball Values” are the root causes of your motivations and behaviors.

So for example, the values you may choose as a baseball player or parent may be patience, work ethic, discipline, or mental toughness.

Personally, my primary value is realizing my full potential…….

See, I believe each person has the potential to do something wonderful in his or her life.

I believe that within each baseball player…there is a future hall of famer or all-star waiting to be let loose.

I believe this with all of my heart and soul that it is oooozing out of my pours and controls the way I behave. Just ask my friends and they’ll tell you. I’m compulsively optimistic and I never complain!!

If you have ever replied to one of my emails you’ve probably took notice. If you haven’t emailed me…..what are you waiting for!!!!

I believe each baseball player is capable of doing much more than they have done before or what they believe they are presently capable of doing when they learn how to adopt there own values.

Thats my value……

What is yours?

Tell me in the comment box at the website!!


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2 Secret tips for dealing with a Micro-Managing baseball coach

Put your hands here! Stay focused! Hit your cut-off!!! You can do better than that!

We’ve all experienced that coach……the micro-managing baseball coach!!

The one that feels the need to be in charge when he knows win or lose…………he’s not.

The truth is……you are. You’re the one that dictates the outcome of the game. The problem is sometimes that miro-managing coach can be a distraction! All you want to do is play the game the way you know you can.

The right way.

So what do you do when your coach is on your back…..and keeping you from playing at your best?

Understand it’s all an act

Your baseball coach is hardly ever as tough as he looks. This becomes obvious when he allows his emotions influence his style of coaching. Anyone can wear their emotions on their sleeve. It takes a certain level of poise and discipline to harness your feelings and focus on the task at hand.

Yup… serves as a challenge for baseball coaches as well.

The best thing to do when you’re a baseball player who is struggling to transcend the fears and frustrations of a baseball coach is to understand that it’s not always about you!

Truthfully. When you’re being reprimanded unnecessarily, it’s mostly because a micro-managing -coach is frustrated that a baseball player or game isn’t going according to how he has envisioned it.

Do your best to see through this facade and see him for what he is. A coach who has his own imperfections. The better you’re able to understand him, the better you’ll be able to deal with his coaching style and focus more on your game and less on what he thinks about you….because it’s not about you.

Play make believe

Another great way to deal with BAD baseball coaches is to use your imagination. Mental Baseball expert Tom Hanson puts it perfectly when he articulates that a baseball player could look at a difficult coach as a great teacher such as the Buddha who is intentionally providing a challenge for a player who wants to play freely.

It’s about recognizing what you can and cannot control. It comes down perception and skills. You can choose to feel lucky to have a difficult coach- because if you can deal with him you can deal with anything. So you can pretend that this coach is truly trying to help you bring out your best despite his disposition.

If you judge this experience as a bad thing….you’ll only make it worse.


You’re not playing this game for anyone other than yourself. Not for winning respect or favor. You’re playing to get better and to have fun.

The more you focus on dealing with a difficult baseball coach in a negative light, the larger that perception will become.

You’ll always have the freedom to choose how you deal with difficult baseball coaches. Learn to manage your own responses on the field and you’ll never have to worry about how a micro-managing baseball coaches manages his!

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The real reason why A-rod is slumping and how you can be a better clutch hitter!


Why was A-rod pinched hit for in the ALDS?

Why was he benched in Game 5?

Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with his swing!













It’s Game 3 of the Yankees & Orioles Division Series. The Yankees had just won the game during extra innings by two home-runs hit by Raul Ibanez. His first at-bat was as a pitch hitter for A-rod ,who was once own as one of the greatest players in the game.

He holds the record for the youngest player to hit 500 homeruns……..

but he’s also known for another reason. Not performing well during the playoffs.

Now I had an interesting conversation with Dave Franco from Next Level Ball Player and he had an interesting point. Here is what he said.

Everyone keeps saying A-Rod is being a good teammate by saying all the right things. He told Girardi “Joe, you gotta do what you gotta do.” and then went and started cheering. I’m sorry, but if I was A-Rod’s teammate, that would completely rub me the wrong way. One of our team leaders who is getting paid the big bucks to lead us to a championship, just rolls over and acts like he’s not upset that he’s getting pinch hit for in the 9th inning of a tied playoff game? Not ok. I’m not saying he should have caused a scene, I’m just saying as a teammate I’d like to see a little fire. I’d like to see something that says I WANT THAT AB! Instead I saw nothing.

His real problem

This is where I believe A-rod’s REAL problem lies. Not in his lack of talent…..mental concentration….. or play off experience.

It’s his desire to get the big hit!

Remember his second at-bat during game 4 of the ALDS? Have you ever seen anyone so happy after being walked? He looked almost relieved!


Take someone like Prince Fielder or Pujoles and I bet that they would have a certain level of stoicism while they regret missing a pitch that they could of driven in the gap.

Now look. I don’t dislike A-rod. There has been a lot of controversy around him but I think deep down he is a decent guy and wants to win ball games. However, dispute all of his accomplishments, glory and success, he still plays scared.

So what does this mean for you.

Well it doesn’t matter how talented you are and how talented you become, baseball will always put pressure on you to see how courageous you are willing to be.

Even after hitting over 500 home-runs like A-rod has, the pressure will always be there.

So remember this lesson. As a Baseball player what matters the most is not what happens to you on the field but how you respond to what happens to you!

The question is how bad do you want to get that big hit?