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5 ways to be a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE baseball coach



I’m just gonna go out and say it!

I’m tired of baseball coaches that coach for the wrong reasons.  The politics and sense of authority.

Ego driven baseball coaches have never sat well with me and vice versa. With that being said, I have had the opportunuty to interact with some highly effective baseball coaches who have been able to develope players who could:

  • Reach their true potential
  • Compete under pressure
  • and do it on a daily basis
From what I was able to gather, being this kind of a coach is more rewarding, successful and creates less head-ache in the long run. So here are 5 ways to be a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE  baseball coach!

Look players in the eye

Ever heard of the “intangibles”? The little things that go unnoticed but have a huge impact. Have you ever thought about the influence the eyes have when communicating?

Baseball is a game of adjustments. Agreed?

No matter how talented a player is, he will need help. Though the challenge is that most players will refuse it. Which is why they need guidance that is sincere, genuine, and honest.

When you look at a player in the eye and you tell him what he needs to do in order to achieve a certain level of success, there is an unknown part of him that will recognize your true intentions as a baseball coach.

His insticnts will tell him you mean what you say, and you’re not talking because you like the sound of your voice.

He trusts this…and then is able to make that adjustment.

Don’t play the political game

You’ve seen it before. Ask any high performing coach competing at higher levels of baseball. They never deal with parents unless it deals with the welfare, education, or health of a player. There really is no relationship between a parent and coach and more importantly, playing time is NEVER discussed.

A baseball coach doesn’t nessasaryily have to run a baseball club with a “cloak and dagger” to make sure parents know their place, transparency is helpful, but a line is always drawn.

A baseball coach is to make sure two things are always happening.

  1.  The baseball players are in an environment that promotes learning and development.
  2.  The team is being given the best opportunity to be successfull.

What does that mean exactly? It means that each player knows his role.

There isn’t anything left in the dark and no leaf unturned. This mean when it truly counts, the best 9 players on the team are the ones on the field. Period.

Communicate expectations to each player

Communicating is important within a baseball program because it fosters trust and mutual respect. A baseball player can never learn from a baseball coach that he doesn’t like or respect.

How does an “Highly Effective” baseball coach accomplish this?  Well there are a number of ways to do this but he can start with taking each player aside and laying down what he believes their role to be. If it’s a role that they don’t agree with, that is perfectly fine. Nothing is ever set in stone and the opportunity to prove oneself will come in time. Making sure a player is ready when the opportuity comes however is the responsibility of the player.

The coach’s role is to make sure they know this and to make sure they are committed to these concepts.

Communicating expectations begins with trusts and ends with responsibility.

Don’t focus on results

It’s so easy to coach a baseball team and to get caught up in wins and losses, batting averages and e.r.a’s.

It’s harder to focus on the “intangibles” because it’s harder to measure.

Here is one thing all GREAT baseball coaches know.

  •  A baseball season is a marathon not a sprint.
  •  Winning a war is always better than winning a battle.
  •  When a team is focused on shared goals instead of individual ones but still knows each’s individual roles, the team is always more effective.

When a coach is focused on PROCESS he has the emotional stamina and poise to make the right decisions which has a direct impact on wins and losses.

Promote fun and teach passion

In many ways a baseball coach is an “authority figure”. Players look up to the coach for guidance and positive reinforcement.

When a player get’s discrated and is unable to play at their true potential, they are getting away from their center. Reminding a player why they play the game, making it fun again allows the player’s talent to shine through. All coaches know this on some level.

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means

– William Hazlitt


Are you a baseball coach?

What’s your teaching philosophy?

What do you think is missing in baseball development?

Share your thoughts below!


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How to have a productive “Batting Practice” session


Have you ever found yourself being frustrated and confused after batting practice?

You wen’t into hitting practice ready to get better and after 5 or 6 rounds of B.P you felt like you actually got worse?

How often do you struggle with trying to solve a hitting slump or mechanical flaw only to become more confused?

Why do we practice hitting anyway?

How long should we actually practice?

What do we do when a hitting session is not going well?

I will answer all of these…….right now;)

Have a plan

There are  only 5 reasons why you should ever take b.p.!!!!!!!

1.  To work on and reinforce one or two good mechanical habits

2.  To fix a major flaw in a swing

2.  To get loose and work on timing

4.  To incorporate bigger adjustments to increase power or bat control.

5.  To reinforce your approach (either mental or physical)


When you know exactly what you want to work on, each swing has a purpose.

When you swing with purpose you’re reinforcing good habits and this is where progress and success comes from.

Keeping things simple

A lot of players run into trouble when they extend their hitting sessions for too long.

The best way to create a sound and consistent swing is to focus on ONLY one or two things  during a hitting session. Focusing on one or two things allows you to give those needed adjustments your undivided attention. You can’t be thinking about “staying back”, “ throwing your hips”, “ getting your foot down in time”, “ getting your hands back” , and “ staying closed” all at the same time!!!

When you see big leaguers make hitting a 95 mph look easy it’s because they are doing one thing!

Simplifying the process of hitting!!

The more simple you keep things in practice……the happier you’ll be with the results. You’ll see improvement, and this will keep you motivated because of it.

Be able to trust and let things go

I remember when I had a BAD batting practice session. I would always say “just one more”! I didn’t want to end practice with feeling like I had just gotten worse.

Next thing I new, I had taken another five rounds, and had worn myself out!!!

Listen, I know how frustrating it can be to feel like no matter what you do, how hard you try, you just can’t get your swing to do what it is you want!

When this happens you have to be able to just step away.

A lot of times the thing you’re trying to work on in your swing happnes away from the cage. It’s like when you lift weights, your muscles actually only grow when you’re resting!

The next time you get frustrated during batting practice, here is what you should do.

Take a deep breathe, then take one good swing and end on that.

Trust that you’re a good hitter, and that when the time comes, you’ll be ready!

Sometimes believing in yourself  means DOING NOTHING! Sometimes you need to let go and just let it fly!!!

Good luck!

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3 ways to awaken the hidden talents in a baseball player


Every baseball player has hidden potential within them that’s waiting to be discovered and put to use.

Have you ever wished that you could just press a button and become a better ball player?! I know I have……..!

Well, I don’t have a button you can press but I do have 3 ways that you can dramatically improve your performance on the field so that you can begin to play better baseball, and stand out on the field like the way every player truly desires.

Look in the mirror and affirm your goals

A huge part of realizing your dreams as a baseball player begins with BELIEVING. We may think that we have confidence in our own abilities. But do we this same confidence at the subconscious level?

Is there even a small part of us that doubts we will have the ability to

  • hit 90+ mph fast-balls and make it look easy
  • earn a baseball scholarship
  • get drafted
  • come back from an injury in time
  • become the best hitter in the league

Having faith in our abilities is a process though. One that comes only when we put in the time and effort.

Hours of practice will convince us that we have trained well, and the abilities that we are striving for will come in time.

So how do we convince ourselves that our goals will be achieved when no matter how hard we try, it still feels like we won’t be good enough?

Affirm them to ourselves in the mirror until we have convinced our subconscious mind!

When we have beliefs that are created on that level, no obstacle, person, or setback can convince you  otherwise.

Here is a great affirmation that you can use while looking at yourself in the mirror.

“From this day forward, I will recognize myself as a developing baseball player who is growing into the kind of athlete that responds well to adversity, and enjoys the challenge that the game has to offer. I will spend the rest of my days as a player dedicating my time to increasing my talent, and knowledge of the game so that I can play at the highest of my potential and reach the heights of the elites. If I’m willing to never give up, it will be impossible to fail.”

Write your dreams down

The first step to eventually making the adjustments needed to become a better ballplayer begins with getting CLEAR with what it is you truly want to accomplish.

Why write them down? Because it allows you to become objective with what it will take to play at the highest level and dominate.

Also writing it down will help you to reinforce what you’re goals are so that you don’t get distracted by the many obstacles that baseball provides.

You wan’t to hit for more power? Write it down!

You wan’t to run a faster 60 yard dash? Write it down!

You wan’t to hit over .400 this year? Write it down!

You wan’t to get drafted or earn a baseball scholarship?……..Get the job done in the class room……and then right it down;)

Write your goals down and post it on your wall, so that it becomes a daily reminder!

Don’t forget to enjoy the game

Have you ever noticed that baseball just seems so much easier when you’re having fun?

You have better hand-eye coordination, enhanced accuracy, and it just seems that you get all the right hops, and good breaks on the field.

All is well when you’re having fun!

So why don’t we have fun more often?!!!!

Why do we let, failures, and adversity take away our natural ability to play this game like it’s a gift!!!??

Why are we focusing on things we can’t control? ( bad umpires, bad weather, bad coaches).

Why not smile, and focus on the ONE thing we can control?!!!


Did you know that when you smile, your body releases specific endorphins that have a huge impacted on your physiology?!

Next time you get a bad break, smile and know that things will fall in your favor next time. That is what baseball is all about. Continuing on after failure after failure.

It’s your turn

Are you going to tap into your hidden potential?

Will you finally become the player that you truly want to be?

What are some things you’re doing right now to make sure you’re getting better?

Leave a comment below and say hi!

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