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The Bat-Speed Blue Print is almost ready!

Alright everyone! So a lot of you have been sending in your questions about what steps you can take to cut down on strike-outs, drive the ball to all fields with power and consistency, and finally position yourself as a player who has the potential to play at the next level.

Ok……some of you have just been asking for advice about increasing bat speed but what I’m about to show you will do just that as well as all of the above!

In about 5 days, I will be releasing a content rich Bat Speed program that will review every aspect of increasing bat speed and developing the offensive tools that will help you to showcase yourself as a hitter that

  • stands out on the field and in the line-up
  • has the potential to perform in key situations
  • is able to hit higher velocities while making the adjustment to the next level
  • and most importantly has the confidence to be the type of player that has the CONFIDENCE to compete on a daily basis.

The truth is I don’t wan’t to give to much away until the launch date so make sure you stay tuned during the rest of the week!

It’s going to be awesome!

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Episode 4- Three Baseball Philosophies

Hello everyone! This weeks Q/A  comes a form Derek who is looking for a little motivation to get him through the Baseball Season.

I’m sure we can all relate to the baseball challenges that players experience throughout a season.

What have been some of your challenges you have face? Share in the comments below!


Motivation comes form within- Before and after every game. Before and after every season. It is MOTIVATION,that allows a player to overcome obstacles. As a player, you can either look at obstacles as an unsurpassable object or a stepping stone. Either way you will be right.

Fear V.S Motivation- Lack of motivation sometimes stems from fear. Fear of failure or fear of success. True Motivation comes from focusing on what positive events may happen(opportunity) and off of negative events(obstacles).

Failure is always a good thing- Michael Jordan missed over 3,000 shots in his career. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times. Throughout their careers, they failed again again and again, this is why they succeeded.


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7 ways to become a better baseball player

How does a player get better? How does a player extract the most talent out of their abilities before it’s too late. I have played this game for a long time and experienced the ups and downs of an athlete.

Here are 7 ways I got the most out of my talent.

1. Have aspiration-
The only way you will be able to overcome the hardships that baseball will give you is to surround yourself with aspriations. Dream of becoming a big-leaguer. Desire to become the “home-town hero”. Make baseball a way for a better life. This is how you use baseball to make life more exciting.

2. Have a vision- The best way to make your aspiration a reality is to be clear with what you want in baseball, make it as clear as a movie in your mind’s eye and stick to it until you experience it. Your thoughts become your future reality.

3. Enjoy the process- Don’t let the ups and downs of baseball ruin your ability to enjoy the game. Baseball is a priveledge. Have fun and the rest will take care of it’s self. Slumps bad coaches, injuries and all!

4. Thank your parents- You will never know how much your parents truly care for you even if they have trouble showing it. Don’t forget to show your appreciation from time to time!

5. Play harder- There has never been a player that has layed on their death bed and said,” geez, i wish I would have played baseball with a little less effort!”. Play each game as though it’s your last!

6. Play smarter- This game is always about the most talented or strongest. It’s also about who can make the adjustments. Guess what? 99.999 of those adjustments are purely mental.

7. Take care of your arm- Listen to your arm. If it hurts don’t throw. If you have to throw, get your rest and eat right.

Good Luck!!!!!!


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Baseball Muscle Cramps-(Episode-3)

Ouch! The ol’ “Charlie Horse! So what is a baseball player to do when they are afflicted with muscle cramps? Summer ball is on it’s way. The “dog” days of playing under the soon will be soon here, and there isn’t a lot of time before hydration becomes an issue.

Are you ready to make sure that you aren’t a victim of injuries caused by fatigue and or muscle aches and cramps. In this Q/A episode I talk about what you can do to make sure “Baseball Muscle Cramps” will not “Cramp” your style!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Tell us what you feed your baseball player before each baseball game!


Edit Alert!!!!: By Salt…I mean Gatorade!!!;)