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Be a Derek Jeter Swing Mechanic: How to be a Yankee Hitting Machine!

  Fast-Ball middle in and what does Derek Jeter do? He hits a hard line-drive in the opposite field gap… How does he do it? More importantly, how does he do it so consistently while making it look so easy? (If you haven’t watched the “How to hit a baseball like Derek Jeter” youtube video yet make…

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Steve Springer On Why The Batting Average Is Satan & How To Walk Up To The Plate With Confidence

  I’m a firm believer that if you can really hit you’ll play. If you can literally change the momentum of a ball game with a swing of a bat on a consistent basis, making the transition to the next level of baseball is something that is completely within your grasp. With that being said, becoming this…

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2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Drills For Better Balance

  Who has a better leg kick/leg lift than Joey Bats Bautista? I can’t think of anyone… Now we know that a lot of Jose Batista’s power comes from his balance. And his balance comes from his back leg… In this “2 Simple Jose Bautista Hitting Tips For Better Balance” video I will be sharing…

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Being Manny’s Team-Mate & Playing Defense in the Big Leagues w/ Damian Jackson

  Okay so you show up to to the ball park early to take extra batting practice…. You go to your locker to put on your favorite socks and they’re gone! Where are they? You need them because you’re like every other ball player on the face of the earth! You’re either very superstitious or you’re a…

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