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5 ways to be a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE baseball coach

    I’m just gonna go out and say it! I’m tired of baseball coaches that coach for the wrong reasons.  The politics and sense of authority. Ego driven baseball coaches have never sat well with me and vice versa. With that being said, I have had the opportunuty to interact with some highly effective…

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How to have a productive “Batting Practice” session

  Have you ever found yourself being frustrated and confused after batting practice? You wen’t into hitting practice ready to get better and after 5 or 6 rounds of B.P you felt like you actually got worse? How often do you struggle with trying to solve a hitting slump or mechanical flaw only to become…

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How to play baseball like Batman contest winners!

Watch this video to find out if you won  Batman“The Dark Knight Rises”movie tickets! httpv://

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3 ways to awaken the hidden talents in a baseball player

  Every baseball player has hidden potential within them that’s waiting to be discovered and put to use. Have you ever wished that you could just press a button and become a better ball player?! I know I have……..! Well, I don’t have a button you can press but I do have 3 ways that…

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