Domingo Ayala- Funniest thing in baseball

Domingo Ayala- Funniest thing in baseball

Its  a rarity to find such comical things in this national past time. Considering the 60 year wave of latin players, I have had my share of cultural experience with latin athletes while on the playing field.

Domingo Ayala embodies every thing “funny” about latin ball players, which is why I think he deserves all the recognition he is getting.

You can buy his ” Domingo Beisball Academy” shirts at his website which seems to be all the craze this year.
Don’t forget to comment and tell us who you would rather pick on your team, Kenny Powers or Domingo Ayala, to win a Free Domingo T-shirt!

You can also find him on Facebook as well as Twitter

If you want a genuine laugh watch this!!:)

The question is, who is Domingo Ayala…………..?

Whats obvious is,”he’s no semi-pro”:)

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