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Bryce harper Baseball Tips swing break down

Success Principles With Bryce Harper: Not Giving The Pitcher Too Much Credit & Knowing Your Baseball History.

Let us know who you'd like to see in the next Baseball Principles Episode in the comments below. People say he's cocky, and he is. But so far he's been able to back it up. Bryce Harper is the real deal. We've proven it in the swing break downs and approaches in his other videos. There's a fine line between cocky and confidence and for you as a ballplayer, you're going to have to learn how to navigate that line. The ability to compe[...]
Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.35.55 AM

5 Derek Jeter Tips: Going Back To What Works, Team Chemistry & Recalling Past Success At The Plate.

  This is a Baseball Success Principle Video w/ Derek Jeter. Please let me know what your favorite principle was (mine was #2) and who you'd like to see next in the comment section below. I remember the first time I heard about Derek Jeter. It was around the same time I heard about Tiger Woods. I was in the 5th grade and  I had just established within my mind my love for the game. Derek Jeter had become the archetypal hero[...]
Joc Pederson Home-run swing analysis

The Hidden Hitting Rhythm of Joc Pederson: How To Hit High Velocity Fast-Balls

What can I say about Joc Pederson? He’s a natural? Freak? Future MVP one day? I think all of these are genuine descriptions of him but I think we’ve only seen the beginning of a hitter who’s going to put on a show in the next few years. What you need to understand is that Joc’s swing is unorthodox in the same way a left-handed POWER pitcher is. He’s balls to the wall, hits with reckless abandon and knows what his role is. Which is to [...]
Alex Rodriguez Home-run swing analysis

How To Come Back Strong Like A-Rod: The Alex Rodriguez Hitting Approach

Many people thought A-Rod would come back only as a shell of his former self. No longer on any PED’s, his performance would suffer. Now he’s not the MVP he once once but A-ROD has shown that experience and an understanding of playing the game the right way will support you at an elite level of baseball. Alex Rodriguez isn’t my favorite player but he is mechanically sound. Everything he does at the plate is effective and dictates his approa[...]
Bryce Harper Home-run swing analysis

Bryce Harper Hitting Secret: How To Hit 500 foot + Home-Runs Like Bryce Harper

One of the things I try to stress to my young hitters is understanding how to use your entire body in your swing. I quite often see hitters take for granted how much more than actually have in their “Bat Speed” tank if you will. I believe without a doubt that they can hit the ball a lot harder and farther than they give themselves credit for. Now, obviously the only way a hitter is able to truly maximize his ability to generate torque in[...]

Where Should I Begin?

I get a lot of emails from baseball parents, players and coaches who say " Wow Mark, there is so much information here!

Where I should begin?!!?".

I usually respond with, "Well, it depends on what you're trying to work on"!!

If it's developing bat-speed, I suggest you watch the videos on Bryce Harper's hitting mechanics and Miguel Cabrera's approach at the plate.

If it's mental approaches to hitting and mental toughness advice that you're seeking, I usually suggest watching the interview I did with Steve Springer  or Damian Jackson as well as a video I did on "Keeping Your Head Up & Have Big Baseball Dreams."

Lastly, if your simply just trying to cut to the chase and get your hitting problems solved, I highly suggest you join the Hitting Machine Academy and really understand the process of developing bat-speed, control and overall confidence while making the game fun.

It's not as hard as you think.

For everything else hitting relates, I suggest you take a look at the free resource of hitting videos at artofbaseball.net

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That's where I come in.

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