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The Toe Tap Approach: Victor Martinez Swing Analysis

The Toe Tap Approach: Victor Martinez Swing Analysis

  There are two ways that I help players make the adjustment to higher velocity fast-balls. 1. Start the "back weight transition" earlier. 2. Get the foot down sooner. It really is that simple. The hard part is finding interesting and effective ways of conditioning this idea into a swing that is responsive to the adjustment. Especially if you have what I call a "Swing Virus". Like I've said before, you can learn best by[...]

Chris Carter Swing Analysis Plate Coverage, Pitching Tracking & Hitting Off Speed.

  What new skill-set are you going to learn or teach this year? What decisions or strategies are you going to be putting in place to build a baseball season that you're proud of? QuestionS worth asking right? If you've been a subscriber to this newsletter for a while, I'm sure these questions resonate with you deeply. They definitely do for me. Attention baseball mom, dad and player! What have been some things that you'v[...]
Play The Game With Reckless Abandon Like Hunter Pence

Play The Game With Reckless Abandon Like Hunter Pence

  Have you ever heard the saying that "the guy on top of the mountain didn't fall there"? It paints an accurate picture of a truth about hitting that has stood the test of time. To be the best, to be on top, takes a strategy and the courage to journey and overcome challenges that guide you to where you want to be. Being a hitter is a journey. Becoming a good hitter is an adventure that takes time and sacrifice. This i[...]
Adrian Gonzalez Swing Analysis Home Run Drills

Selective Aggressive Approach Like Adrian Gonzalez.

  I've said this before. " Success leaves clues". If we can learn to recognize what those "clues" are, we can begin to emulate the approach to success that successful players demonstrate. Don't worry, won't being saying the word "success" anymore. So the things about success...oops ;) Is that it begins with having a plan, strategy and the ability to take daily action. I've said this before as well. What I'd like you g[...]

Make "unhittable" fast-balls look slower w/ this trick.

You've heard it being said many times before. "You can't hit what you can't see". I concur. You're struggling at the plate. You can't buy a hit. You think you're mechanics are off. Did you ever stop to think that you're simply not using your eyes effectively? I've spoken about this topic so many times I've lost count and now my face is turning blue. But I don't mind because I love helping hitters get better. You should know t[...]

Where Should I Begin?

I get a lot of emails from baseball parents, players and coaches who say " Wow Mark, there is so much information here!

Where I should begin?!!?".

I usually respond with, "Well, it depends on what you're trying to work on"!!

If it's developing bat-speed, I suggest you watch the videos on Bryce Harper's hitting mechanics and Miguel Cabrera's approach at the plate.

If it's mental approaches to hitting and mental toughness advice that you're seeking, I usually suggest watching the interview I did with Steve Springer  or Damian Jackson as well as a video I did on "Keeping Your Head Up & Have Big Baseball Dreams."

Lastly, if your simply just trying to cut to the chase and get your hitting problems solved, I highly suggest you join the Hitting Machine Academy and really understand the process of developing bat-speed, control and overall confidence while making the game fun.

It's not as hard as you think.

For everything else hitting relates, I suggest you take a look at the free resource of hitting videos at artofbaseball.net

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That's where I come in.

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