Run a Faster 60 in 60 Days Or Less...

"How To Run a Faster 60 Dash Time By Increasing Your Foot-Speed & Running Smarter At Your Next Baseball Showcase or Tryout All Without Even Having To Be A Quicker Runner."

There is a reason why the 60 yd dash is the first thing you do at a showcase. It reflects athletic ability that translates to the tempo of the game — Follow 4 principles that will add a faster 60 time to your scouting report...

- Even if you’re already fast - I went from a 6.8 sprinting time down to a 6.4 while using these techniques.

- Even if you play a power position - having speed as one of your five tools will make you a better prospect.

- Even if you’ve always been slow - Some of these strategies aren't even about increasing your actual running speed!

- Even if you're recovering from an injury - In fact, I started this 60 yd dash running program after pulling my groin and thinking I would never get my speed back!

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Dear Friend,

What I can tell you is this. Increasing your 60 yard-dash by one or two tenths of a second could be a game-changer for your baseball career.

There is a reason why running the 60 is the first thing you do at a baseball showcase. It shows athletic ability.

I've seen it over and over where a player was given an opportunity to play college or pro baseball based on his 60 time. It happened to me and it could happen to you if you're willing to put in the work.

This training course was designed to help ballplayers keep your speed from becoming a liability if your slow and to turn it into a weapon if you're already fast.

I don't believe that speed can't be taught.

You don't  have to be Mike Trout, Billy Hamilton or Rickey Henderson To Become A Faster Ballplayer.

To your speed,


P.S. This is a 100% risk free offer. If you don't get faster in 60 days you get your money back. That's the Art of Baseball Stamp of approval!

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In the REBEL 60 Yard Dash Guide-Book You'll Discover...

  • How to run a quicker 60 without running faster

  • Discover your strengths as an athlete to increase your foot speed

  • The best sprinting drills to develop your running form!

Chapter # 1 - Improving Actual Speed

Learn how to increase your foot-speed, stride length & stride frequency by understanding what makes ballplayer faster and more explosive!

Chapter # 2 - 60 Yard Dash Training

Master specific 60 yard dash training drills that you can do in your back-yard, living room or on a ball field without a professional trainer. These speed drills are perfect for sports specific movements like the 60 yard-dash.

Chapter # 3 - The Mental Side of Running

Increase your concentration, confidence and focus as an athlete and learn the relationship that the mental side has with running a 60 yard-dash. You'll be the only one at showcases applying this technique.

Chapter # 4 - Secret Tips & Tricks

Popular Chapter!

Learn how to trick the stop-watch and timer by taking advantage of certain loop-holes in the 60 yard-dash that will decrease your 60 time without even running faster


Plus Brand New 60 Yard Dash Training Videos!

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