Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Hidden Hitting Rhythm of Joc Pederson: How To Hit High Velocity Fast-Balls

What can I say about Joc Pederson? He’s a natural? Freak? Future MVP one day? I think all of these are genuine descriptions of him but I think we’ve only seen the beginning of a hitter who’s going to put on a show in the next few years. What you need to understand is that…

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How To Come Back Strong Like A-Rod: The Alex Rodriguez Hitting Approach

Many people thought A-Rod would come back only as a shell of his former self. No longer on any PED’s, his performance would suffer. Now he’s not the MVP he once once but A-ROD has shown that experience and an understanding of playing the game the right way will support you at an elite level…

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Bryce Harper Hitting Secret: How To Hit 500 foot + Home-Runs Like Bryce Harper

One of the things I try to stress to my young hitters is understanding how to use your entire body in your swing. I quite often see hitters take for granted how much more than actually have in their “Bat Speed” tank if you will. I believe without a doubt that they can hit the…

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