Interviews w/ Experts

Kevin Paxson & Bat-Speed w/ The PaxBats!

  So I walk into the hitting facility to start my hitting lessons for the day and not an hou[...]

Brent Pourciau On Investing In Your Skill-Sets Plus 2x Training

  Today we're going to be hearing from Brent Pourciau as he speaks about the importance of p[...]

Coach Trent Mongero On Why He Coaches High-School Baseball

  Many thanks to High-school coach Trent Mongero for swinging on over to the AoB EXPERTS sho[...]
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How To Hit 96 MPH Sinkers And More w/ John Madden

  A thousand thanks to John Madden from You Go Pro Baseball  for stopping by to share some t[...]

Baseball Eye-Sight w/ Dr. Barry Seiller

  What role do you think "eye-sight" plays with hitting, fielding and throwing a baseball? [...]

How to Play Baseball For the SIUe Cougars

  So the MLB all-star game is over. I know there are plenty of Yankee haters out there but w[...]

How To Play Baseball For Florida Atlantic University w/ Rich Billings

  In my senior year I was given the opportunity to play against Florida Atlantic University.[...]

Getting Evaluated and Knowing What To Do If You're Sitting the Bench / Troy Steffy

  It can be hard but sometimes the first step for players who are sitting the bench and want[...]

Steve Springer On Why The Batting Average Is Satan & How To Walk Up To The Plate With Confidence

  I'm a firm believer that if you can really hit you'll play. If you can literally change th[...]

Being Manny’s Team-Mate & Playing Defense in the Big Leagues w/ Damian Jackson

  Okay so you show up to to the ball park early to take extra batting practice.... You go[...]

Brent Pourciau Shares 2 Arm Strength Secrets & How to Really Long Toss

  What do pitchers and MOST postion players have in common? They both want to do two thin[...]

Playing Multiple Sports, Going to College and proving MLB Scouts Wrong w/ Matt Antonelli

  How do you become an everyday player at the professional level? What should you do if y[...]

Staying Inside the Ball & Top Hand Bottom Hand w/ Steve Windsor Creator of the Insider Bat

  What can I say? After going on a massive campaign of gathering some of the most brilliant [...]

Matt Furey on Eastern Wisdom and Baseball

  What do you get when you mix eastern philosophies, wrestling and martial arts and apply th[...]

Joe Magno on Hydration, Bat-Speed and Daddy Ball

  Many thanks to Joe Magno, head coach of Mayfair Highschool Baseball for stopping by to tal[...]

How to throw 90 MPH and why your core is weak w/ Paul Reddick

  So how do you achieve the holy grail of throwing a baseball? How do you throw 90 MPH wi[...]

Dick Mills on the science of pitching w/ Art of Baseball

  Many thanks to Dick Mills for investing his valuable time to share with us his passion for[...]

Todd Blyleven & SKLZ on youth baseball

  How cool is it to skip a year of school to follow your big league dad and be a bat boy for[...]

Pitch In For Baseball w/ David Rhode

  When you hear a story like Pitch In for Baseball's you're reminded why you fell in love wi[...]

How to be the strongest BASEBALL version of yourself w/ Elliott Hulse!

  Have you ever heard that you should never meet your heroes? Well I met mine. And it was[...]

Art of Baseball w/ Alan Jaeger on Peak Performance

  Many thanks to the "Long-Toss Guru" Alan Jaeger for visiting Art of Baseball Experts LIVE [...]

Kissimmee Sticks and John Madden w/ Art of Baseball Experts

  Oh yea!!!! Another wood bat contest give away! Many thanks to John Madden for sitting down[...]

How to increase baseball grip strength and forearm power with Jedd Johnson

  How can a player increase his baseball grip strength and fore-arm power the right way? [...]

Baseball training 60 yard dash tips w/ Thurman Hendrix

  So you're at a baseball showcase...what is the first thing you do? You run the 60 yard das[...]

Art of Baseball LIVE w/Adam Greenberg on courage

  There are a handfull of reasons why I love this game. The history.....the allure of baseba[...]
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Art of Baseball w/ Robert Greene on Mastery

Hands down the COOLEST thing I have ever posted here at Art of Baseball! Robert Greene has been [...]
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Art of Baseball w/ Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness!

    The holiday break is coming up.  Are you going to be training hard during the br[...]
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A.O.B Experts Live w/ Warstic Bat Company founder Ben Jenkins

  Many thanks to Ben Jenkins, founder of the Warstic Bat Company for sharing his story, pass[...]

Gary Vaynerchuck on the Power of Storytelling, Getting Recruited and His Favorite Baseball Players

  I literally just checked off another box on my bucket list. I had the GREAT opportunity[...]