Finally, The Exact Steps To Doubling Your Bat-Speed & Power While Increasing Your Contact Consistency & Fixing Your Swing Viruses!

Master 15 Smart Ways To Create Crazy Bat Speed...

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Dear Ballplayer,

I believe that there is hidden potential in your swing that you have yet to tap into.

Here is a quick story....

When I was young my dream was to be a big league ballplayer. I trained hard, stayed focused and I ended up making it much farther than a lot of my team mates. There were many baseball challenges that I faced throughout my career. Endless slumps. Feelings of discouragement...

For example, I sat the bench at the college level for 3 years before finally earning a full Division 1 baseball scholarship worth $60,000. After that opportunity, I was given the chance to compete against some of the best college players in the country.

Now I run Art of Baseball & The Baseball Dojo where I work with players from all of the world while giving over 1,000 private hitting lessons a year.

You know what the BIGGEST lesson I've learned is?

Very few players reach their true potential because they're using the WRONG strategy.

Imagine this experience.

You pick up a bat after a week of practice applying new approaches and techniques to hitting and then as you take a couple of swings to get loose, WHAM!

You hit the ball HARDER than you have EVER hit it in your life! It EXPLODES off the bat like a silver bullet coming out a gun chamber.

Pitches now seem to EXPLODE off the bat even more and you hit it into the DEEPEST part of the field with EFFORTLESS effort.

Some of your line-drives even sail over the fence with you barely even swinging the bat.

This is the experience I had applying the basic principles in the Bat-Speed Blue Print and it’s what I want for you.

The genuine feeling that you are experiencing progress as a hitter...PERIOD!

I can make you a better ball player.

Let me help you.

- Mark

Here's What You're Gonna Learn!

How To Triple Hard Contact Consistency

With the Inner Half Drill you will learn how to increase your ability to make hard, solid contact more consistently regardless of velocity or accuracy.

How To Make The Ball Seem Slower

With the Slow Feet, Fast Hands, Quiet Head Drill you will learn how to effectively pick up the ball out of the pitcher's hand better which will make the velocity seem slower and your reactions more accurate.

How To Stay Relaxed & Balanced At All Times.

With the Quick Pitch Drill,  you will learn the importance os staying balanced and in an athletic position during the rotational and follow through phase of your swing.

This will develop your ability to use your entire body in your swing!

How To Increase Your Hand & Bat Speed With One Adjustment.

Discover the Healthy Separation Rule. With this one adjustment, you'll immediately be able to use your hips & hands to drive the ball the way big leaguers do while making it look effortless.

How To Increase The Amount of Time You Have To React To The Ball.

With the Open Fly Drill, You will master the ability to let the ball travel deeper in the zone while hitting off your back-side.

A very important principle in making consistent contact up the middle.



How To 3x Your Torque While Using Your Entire Body In Your Swing.


With The One legged Power Drill you will learn the importance of weight shift while staying back. This is one of the most important as well as fun drills to do during a bat-speed hitting session.

How To Quickly Make Adjustments To Fast Ball & Off-Speed Pitches.

With the One Plate, Two Plate Drill,  you will learn how to make QUICK adjustments to various velocities of pitches. This is key in facing a hitter who is able to consistently change speeds.

How To Increase Bat-Control Like a Seasoned Big Leaguer.

The L-Screen Drill is hands down the BEST drill in teaching the OPTIMUM bat path for increased bat-speed, power and contact consistency.

How To Achieve The Correct Bat Angles For Double The Power.

In the Home Run Drill, you will learn a trick to achieving correct bat-planes and angles to get MORE back-spin which will increase how far the balls you hit will go.

Very effective!

How To Program Your Brain To Stay Back On Off-Speed Pitches.

The Rhythm Drill is fantastic for swing with less tension and anxiety and more calmness and poise. A loose muscle is a quick muscle!

Find The Perfect Hitting Stride For You.

Become familiar with the various types of strides & leg kicks and how it applies to the BSBP 2.0 Weight Shift Principles.

Learn To Make The Hard Adjustments The Fun & Easy Way.

Sings,Dubs, Homes Drill is a great way to apply the other drills in a fun, engaging and addictive way while adding an element of competition.

You'll love this!

Cure Your Swing Viruses & Make Sure They Never Come Back!

With the Keeping it 100 Drill, you will learn how to diagnose any viruses in your swing that you need to cure.

This is also another hitting drill game that will keep things fresh and competitive!

Master The Only 3 Bat Speed Training Routines You'll Ever Need!

Bat Speed Blue Print Training Schedule PDF

Let me streamline for you the EXACT workout routine and circuit to keep your bat speed development moving forward 365 days out of the year!

Let's Break Down A Big League Swing Shall We?!

Josh Donaldson Swing Analysis

Wanna know where Josh Donaldson gets his power? It's simpler than you might think.

In this BSBP 2.0 Swing Analysis, we will dive dip into what makes him tick and his approach to hitting ball effortless over the fence on a consistent basis!

Jose Altuve Swing Analysis

How is Jose Altuve so dangerous at the plate?! What he does is nothing revolutionary and is the basic foundation for almost every major leaguer.

Find out what it is as you fine-tune your own swing!

Derek Jeter Swing Analysis

If you really want to learn how to hit like a big leaguer, Derek Jeter is the PERFECT player to model.

For almost 20 years, he's kept the same approach and has allowed it to make him arguably the greatest hitting short-stop to play this game.

Get The Bat Speed Blue Print 2.0 Now!Now Only $37.
Get The DVD Only!Now Only $37.97.