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What Elite Level Bat-Speed Looks & Feels Like.

Kris Bryant is STRONG. Country strong. Old-Man strong & ridiculously explosive. The way a wild animal is explosive. Some of this you can’t teach. Some of it you can. When it comes t his swing, understanding the basics of what creates bat-speed if where I recommend you start. Funny enough, it’s easier than you think.…

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What 20 Years of Big League Experience Does To a Beautiful Swing.

When I try to think of one word that bet describe David Ortiz’s swing, the word majestic comes to mind. Not text-book. Not consistent. Not flashy. MAJESTIC. He’s all in. If he had been playing during the dead-ball era, I think he would be consider not only a man but a myth and a legend.…

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How To Dominate Fast-Balls Like Mookie Betts.

One of the most important principles a young hitter could understand is the idea of an aggressive mind-set at the plate. Really what it comes down to is the level of expectations the hitter as before each pitch. Expecting that they’re going to hit the ball hard. Not hoping. Expecting that the next pitch i…

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Chris Davis Baseball Success Principles: How To Take Advantage of Playing Time.

What happens when you’re one of the greatest players in the game and then lose everything? What does it take to learn the ability to hit consistently for power against intimidating¬†pitchers that can locate fastballs with the precision of an elite level sniper assassin? Where do you find the guidance and faith that empowers you…

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